Friday, December 26, 2008

Outing with my pet sis,Huey Ching and House Party!! (1 day before NS)

This few days is really a sleepless nights,I went out with many friends everyday,spending time with them before NS..Went to my church service production " Christmas@Changs".. The production is simply awesome and creative,its amazing they can spontaneously came out a joke on the spot! I took pic and gave presents to all my friends in Church...My brother came back yesterday! My family and I took dinner at USJ 9 Vietnamese restoran..After dinner,I spent time with my brother,we chatted in Starbucks and Macdonalds,I think I talked a lot,I shared many things,secrets XD with him..

Me and Clarissa take 1 =)

Me and Clarissa take 2 =D

Today went out with my kai Jie,Huey Ching...Hehehe..! We had lots of fun..First,we watched the latest movie " Yes Man"..Wow,I can tell you,its hilarous and whacky,my favourite actor,Jim Carrey..He can act very well,famous for comedy.. Lol! We just kept laughing throughout the whole cinema..After that,we went for a walk,chatting bout our life.Oh ya! She taught me lots of things and facts on the way to Pyramid,she drove me there..

We went shopping,try new stuffs..One of the interesting event is that we tried on some funky and cool sunglasses..So cool! We took a lot of photos over there and during the outing..We wore on the sunglasses and walked around Pyramid,feels so cool man! Hahaha! I hope NS will be delay for 1 week..

That night party,miss you guys so much,hug each and everyone of them..goin NS!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas party at Elaine Tan Jr's house...

Yesterday we had lots of fun in Elaine Jr's house...We came,talk,introduce ourselves.. That day happy to know some new friends..Get to know one joker,same age with Jeremy Tan. This guy really makes me laugh man..During dinner,I can still remember the laughter,we took photos,some of us get "high" like Sam ah,no difference than drunk, sorry Sam,if you see this,please don't kill me ya... Hahaha!! We play games,sing carol! I can really feel the Christmas mood that night... Oh by the way,we celebrate Phei Wen,Francis and Marc birthday that night,they were so so so blessed by us! Anyway,thanks Elaine making such wonderful Christmas party! Here are the photos:

When we are first arrived,we fellowship together =)

During dinner,we celebrate Phei Wen's birthday!

From left> Justin,me,Zoe and Elaine Sr

We play tangle and "un"tangle games XD

During the game,we took photos...

We also celebrate Marc and Francis birthday!

Justin and Zoe,best dresser male and female! ^^

We gather,form a circle and play some games...

Smile! =)

Happy and lively people! Take 1

Happy people and lively people! Take 2!

This is my first time attending a party that has programme,proper organized! Elaine Tan Jr,don't deny it,you are a great organizer!! =)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Outing with my BESTIE! Ian's WEDDING!!

On Thursday I went outing with my BESTIE! Ding Yee Sing... Its been so long I didn't see her! Miss her so much.. Kinda funny cuz excited to see each other after so long..We played "hide and seek" in pyramid,we suppose to meet each other at the lionhead main entrance of pyramid,we don't know who will reach there earlier..So,we decided to see whether we are able to recognized each other,and we DID!Hehee! Yee Sing really opened up my world,at first I thought MADAGASCAR movie is lame,but somehow I enjoyed! Really funny...You should watch too! We went shopping,see some funky clothes...

We ate at Itallianese...Expensive man! My first time going out with 1 best friend and eat something expensive! We shared food and tried food..Lol! We took some photos there too...We actually took a lot of picture...Just that I LOST MY CAMERA! Nevermind...We still have another outing!

My BEST"EST" FRIEND,Ding Yee Sing... Isn't She's very pretty? Xp

Than,we went shopping..She bought me a nice and cool coat! Cost RM129!!! I was like Awww...Thx Yee Sing! Anyway I gave her a present,a small soft toy polar bear...Hehehe...!! We shop and choose presents to give to our friends...Than,we sat down and chat...Our conversation so long,fun and we wouldn't wanna end...Haizzz...Time just passed so fast! From 11am till 6pm to me is long and fast...

Another IMPORTANT EVENT! IAN'S WEDDING!! Congratz to Ian and Chia Huey..I wore the formal clothes that I bought and Yee Sing present for me to the ceremony..So touching as they declare and spoke to each other to become married couple! We took some photos during his ceremony...And during the dinner,I drank too much wine and DRUNK...My friends had to hold me! I don't what I'm crapping about..I hope I don't slip anything...Letticia had to assist me walked to my front door...First time drunk,giddy,face red! Even Pastor Kevin,Keith,Andrew,everyone noticed! And all of them asking am I ok? Lol!

Me and Clarissa =)

Me and Jocelyn Lim! ^^

Another Jocelyn Lee... Xp

Me and Ding Ding =D

With the big brother,Shan Yong

The Dai Jie,Letticia... hehe

With Jasmine! She had a very sweet smile =D

Patricia,so called Lett's sis...

The BRIDEGROOM and also my brother in CHRIST! Ian How!

Me and cool Jeremy!

Elaine Tan Jr and me,kinda blur..

Me and Elaine JR

My beloved kai jie jie...

My jie again...She so pretty that day..

Me and Joy Joy ^^

My beloved pet daughter!

My cell group leader,Dini! =)

Me and Elaine..OMG..I'm so drunk

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where are you?Why?I wanna know...

As you see,this post is kinda EMO...Haizzzz... This is the another poem of mine for the SOMEONE...If the SOMEONE see this,hope she will knows it... My msg for her...

Chances That Flies From Me to You
I've been waiting this moment
To see you face to face
Spending time interacting with you
To grab and acknowledge your life and everything
Under the deep blue sea
But somehow Chances flies
Something pulls me away from you
A gap and an untieable knot
Is difficult to spend time and talk to you
It seems that you are busy and no time to talk
And always take a leave earlier from our group
Remember the question I asked you before?
I'm still waiting and hoping for the best
I really put my trust on you
It is your kind heart and your animated character
That makes my world brighter
After your long trip
I presume you forgotten the question I asked before
I just need a "Yes" or "No" answer thats all
I wanna let you know
I'm still waiting until the time ends
And when it ends it will just be a pretense
Haizzzz...Kinda emo..Anyway,excited cuz this Thursday going out with my BEST"EST" FRIEND of all! Ding Yee Sing! This Friday I will be attending Ian's wedding ceremony and dinner! Hahahah!! My cell group leader is engaging! =D

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sharon and Jeremy's birthday outing,Sam's birthday!

Last Sunday which is on the 30th of November was Sharon and Jeremy's birthday!! Hahaha!! My former cell group,W-11 planning to gave a birthday surprise for the both of them in the morning...The day before,we went to pyramid and bought them presents,but there is a catch,cuz they are with us,so Letticia separate us with Sharon and Jeremy by taking the 2 of them so we can buy them presents...We bought Jeremy a basketball,very unusual,black in colour...Hahaha!! Kai Boon was asking for a basketball that can glow in the dark,the shopkeeper was laughing when he said that...Lol! Than,Elaine Jr,Phei Wen bought Sharon two dress...

As I was saying,we went to Jeremy's house around 8am,we delayed a bit,cuz we called Elaine Tan Jr more than 30 times...After she replied,we sneak into his bedroom and surprise him...Can see that he was happy,after praying for him we went to Sharon's house... The plan is to surround her bed while she is still asleep...Aiya! But she woke up d wor.... Anyway,we just asked her to come out from the house as we hide behind...Then,booo!! Sang a happy birthday song...

Quite a surprise for the both of them,cuz we make it an effort to celebrate their birthday in the morning...Sharon and Jeremy's mum involved in the birthday surprise,hahaha!! We fellowship in Sharon's house,tour her room,lots of soft toys in her room,the bath tub quite small,but I think is cool,cuz is personal bathroom...Later,we went to Pyramid for outing...Our group is: Sharon,Elaine,Phei Wen,Nelson,Jeremy and me...

Jeremy and me,took when we first arrived

On the elevator,took by Elaine... =)

We went and bought a movie ticket,"Igor" I was like what on earth movie was that,Jeremy said" the trailer kinda retarded..Lol! Anyway, just watch with them...Before going to the movie,we ate at Chicken Hartz..I told Sharon,Jeremy and Nelson my stupid jokes...As long as they give face and laugh of my jokes,hehehe....

In Chicken Hartz...

Elaine,Nelson and me =)

After the eating,we still have plenty of time and went to the photobooth to take pictures...Inside the booth,there is this music,like in the magical world or fantasy world...Took some pictures..Design it by the girls..But too small d the pictures...After the movie,we went shopping around Asian Avenue,saw some cool clothes wanted to buy,but haizzz money is the issue...After that,we follow the girls go shopping...

Inside photobooth!

Yum Cha in starbucks...

On Monday,is Sam's birthday! We surprised him by going into his house,we drag him to the dark kitchen and Wala! Happy birthday Sam!! We gave him a vest,very cool,look like a dancer...

Surprise Sam!!

Listening him giving speech Xp

Wishing with a smile =) happy leh Sam!

Helped him put on his birthday present,a vest!

You look yeng on it wei! Wear more often! In his heart:What to do? I'm so cool... Xp

Took a group photo with the birthday boy, Sam,we love ya!

Fireworks for you Sam! Sam so touched!

Receiving God's blessing abundant rain on him...Hehehe!

Never forget to clean up after your celebration,Lolz!

Yesterday,went red box with Wei Xiang and OBH...hahah!! Didn't take picture,but received one picture from Wei Xiang last year New Year...

from left: Yi Hang,Li Ning,me,Wei Xiang and Candy

This is my longest post ever so far! More photos! hahaha!! 3 days events! k la,better chiaozz.. =)