Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy! Confusing! Exhausting! Sickening! Expectancy....

My hands!My legs!My entire body is running out of 'fuel' ! Phew! What a hectic day! In school,tons of homeworks really kills me! After school,I slept in the basketball court bench,sun tanning...Then later tuition tuition tuition,sick and tired of tuition!And what confused me was that I had to make a decision of choosing which annual dinner to attend,is either Taekwondo or St.John, how I wish to go for both dinner,but somehow my parents don't allow me to go out too much.Well....Is exam period ma...What can i do?I had no choice but to sacrifice my performance for St.John AGM,supposingly i chose St.John but come to think of it,I had more friends in Taekwondo,so might as well turn up for Taekwondo dinner. Actually i'm gonna sing "Kau Ilhamku" along with my guitar for St.John AGM,I love that song so much! Oh yea!!Tommorow is gonna be an exciting day for me!Although I heard nothing much in Taekwondo dinner just an ordinary dinner,no performance, just the "ALL YOU CAN EAT" slogan,unless there is karaoke install for us! ^^ Or may be songs dedication,it would be fun!

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