Saturday, August 30, 2008

EMERGE '08 Day 1 !!

Yay!! Finally EMERGE!! But before that 6 more hours to go...At 2.30pm,I went and fetched Jasrynn from Sunway College,wanna go watch a movie "Don't mess with the Zohan" . She at first said wanna watch with her friends,but then,she wanna company me,hehe!! We went to pyramid and book the tickets..Than,I waited for her making up and dressing...So long la...LOL! Jasrynn why so long? Hahaha! Later we have nothing to do,1 more hour before the movie starts..We walked around,see some clothes,I think we chat more when lepaking...

20 minutes before the movie,we bought our drinks and food..The movie "Don mess with the Zohan" is really hilarous,whacky,I just kept laughing with ceasing,is a non-stop laughing comedy..You should watch too man!! I rated 10/10!! After that,we rush to sunway convention centre for EMERGE!! We arrived there at 6.30pm, enter and book one roll of sits,but not enough,cuz there are many new friends coming,Jorida and CC came!! Both So You Think Can Dance top 10 finalist!! Anyway,me,Jasrynn and Shan Yong sacrificed our sits for them,we three sat together but then Shan Yong separated with us cuz sitting with his friends..

EMERGE really a great impact to me,we kept worshipping for ermmm..I don't know? 1 hour? Or more than that,pastor Kong is a great man of God! Through the worship I realized lots of stuff..Than,the programmes goes on...Celebrities performed on stage,Danny One and Liu Geng Hong!! Both sang on stage,glad they are part of City Harvest Church! ^^ Love their songs! Romantic and meaningful... The dance team O'school from Singapore is simply awesome man! Love their break,lock and pop! Wanna be like them Xp...

The clappometer was displayed at the LCD screen,is based on how to crowd cheer 1% to 100%. This competition is for the POS-Parade of schools..Their stunning moves,power,turve,flipping,jealous la,next year will join!! 2 teams gain 100% from the crowds that is MINT and VU,another 2 83% which is LU and SMU,haizzz...still have 25 medals to be current leading medal tally is the MINT,following is LU,SMU and VU cluster..

After the conference,I'm asking all the members and new friends to gather,brief and pray,but then they are distracted by CC attention,the champion for So You Think You Can Dance,all of kept pushing me to ask her to take a picture with her and JDA,so I boldly asked them...I also took with the two of them too!

JDA,me and CC

Quite happy lo,at first I don't wanna take,but now opportunity came,so I embrace it,bluek!! Xp,later went back home late around 1.19am..Slept and later going for EMERGE at night 6pm...Will update soon..Ciaozzz!! ^^

Saturday, August 23, 2008

EMERGE KL '08 Countdown in 5 days..Hot and spicy!!

I feel terribly sorry Teacher Anne I cannot make it for Ace-Edventure farewell party!!Is once in a lifetime...Anyway,I went to church,registered chinese chess competition..I'm just so tense after looking how the contestants play,their strategy and scheme simply amazing,me just standing beside them trying to predict their next move,if only I'm foresighted,hahaha!! At the end,lost lo,what to do?Me go there play play only not serious wan,no patient in chess, just simply make a move,a MISTAKE move, just one mistake move and ruin the whole strategy!!Grrrr...!! Chat with Letticia bout psychology stuff,personal issues,bluek!! I'm telling you,psychology is fun and interesting!!You can understand people!!On Friday,Elaine and Letticia can tell me a whole bunch of stuff bout me just by looking at my eyes,and you know what?Their assumption is 100% accurate!!Wow!Really impressive!

Hope Ian How is ok,my ex cell leader of W-11,this wonderful brother kind,compassionate,helpful,understanding and handsome,not many people are like him. He is the one change my mindset about people,he is really willing,don't feel tired helping people,gentleman,making people happy and laugh too!!Ian How!!What a great cell group members you have!After the accident,they gave you something which I don't know what is it cuz I'm no longer W-11 member , sob..sob...Anyway,is a special gift lo...

Later went for Choir practice,first time practice in the hall,took picture with them,Charisma very active,took some pictures with her.Heheh....My choir members was shock when they get to know I'm only 17 years old! Hahaha!! Glad to be the youngest in the team..Next year 18 years old,getting older lo.. Here are some of the photos:

This are my choir team for Saturday...Cheerful people..

Sam,Charisma and me

Me squezzing in ^^

Sam,Charisma,Robin me and Adrian,hehe..!!Charisma protected by 4 charmings,LOL!

Finally,me and Charisma... ^^Smile!!

Service was great,my choir members really "high" on stage,we jumped and spinned during Praise and Worship...Prizes and medals gave away to all the winners during the service too..LU cluster has the most gold medals!!!Hehehe!!All the Gold medalist will be given on the last day of EMERGE!!Yay!I will be going on stage to retrieve my Gold medal for the basketball 3 point shootout...

After service,we went to take hotdogs,but only left buns cuz a lot of people took the hotdogs,not enough...Haizz..Anyway,we join Ian's cell group for dinner in a restoran called "Ayam Penyek" .We have a lot of fun there!!The food was delicious!!I love ayam penyek man! Is famous for its spicy flavour,hot!Hot!Hot! Burned my lips!We had lots of fun there!Elaine,Letticia and Shan Yong's friend kept laughing and laughing,I have no idea why they kept laughing?Food so hot until I ordered two mineral water..Indo food so nice..Stomach burning.

We came to church to pick Joy up,I saw POS-Parade Of Schools training their formation,Go LU!!Next year I planning to join POS!!Hehehe!!So fun!While waiting for Joy,I showed my progress handstand to Patrick and Shan Yong,hehehe...!Can stand there for quite long,also got hand walk too..Next year EMERGE must join lots of stuff,talentime Dance,talentime Vocal may be 2 years later,need to train my vocal chords.. Xp K la,time to log off ! Will update next time! ^^

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20/08/2008>>>20082008 Double digits!!

Today is 20082008! Double digits if you remove "/" hehehe....! =) School holidays is kinda sien lo..Prefered going to school. At least there are friends,but in the holidays,I can stay away from Pn.Rozaimi,that tigeress,always angry at people,cannot tolerate students that prank on her..Today short post lo.. Yawn~ Slept the whole afternoon...Then go tuition from 6.10pm till 8.40pm..My english teacher Miss Lynn,she is funny,have the sense of humour,make us laugh in the class today,she was mentioning about life and sex..By the way,don't get me wrong,I mean healthy sex life after marriage ,too many times our mind is poison by Malaysia that sex are dirty and unclean..No wonder people faced problems like divorce..

Oh!! Never mess with our kasturi Mod Math teacher,Mr Jyoges,got one indian kena "Zha" kau kau cuz he mocked at teacher when demonstrating on something,the indian clapped his hands as if he was amazed by teacher's experiment.Teacher called him to come forth and asked him a few question which make the class laugh, in the end Mr Jyoges said this phrase " You clapped your hands means I've done something great and you never seen before,therefore,you are stupid!" .Once again the class filled with laughter...

In the end the teacher make fun of the students in public...Is best to keep our mouth shut or we will make ourselves a conjurer in front of the class...Well,today short post.. Ciaozz..!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bronze medal!! Gold medal!!

Yay!!Today is an Excellent day,Ok lo,quite satisfying.In the morning I was nervous and quite excited for the upcoming Basketball 3 on 3 secondary and Basketball 3 point shootout competition for EMERGE '08. Nelson can make it finally!! Exercise after breakfast,preparing for the competition. Later my mum fetch me,Nelson and Vincent to church. Reached there around 12.50pm,thank goodness the church office have a printer and a computer,I forgotten to bring the form for my team mates to fill in,parents approval,hehehe...We filled in ourselves Xp..

In the mean time,pity Young Wae,he was waiting there for a very long time,kept smsing me when am I gonna arrive.We were waiting transportation to Sunway College..Finally 4 of us need to walk there.When we reached there,Young Wae was quite piss off,but then later he is ok with it,hehehe...He don't get angry very fast.We warmed up,the basketball rim in Sunway College looks high,but me,Young Wae and Vincent can reach it...Young Wae was impatient cuz we warmed up and waited the competition for quite long d..Finally it start..

First game is us LU cluster vs MINT cluster...It was quite tough..Nelson said we kinda "fong sui" play like very slumber only XD..Hahaha!!We were quite disappointed to lose the 1st round,Gold medal gone... We planned our strategy and watch the game until our turn. LU vs VU...We at 1st lead them,but then got beaten,cuz we are tired...Sigh!!Silver medal gone!! Last game,Young Wae have to go back for tuition,lost one player leh!! But this last game played very well...Actually I should thanks Patrick,he coaches me as I played,I scored the most,among 9 points,I score 7,1 from Jonathan and Vincent..We won the Bronze medal!!!

Next competition is the 3 point shootout,I won a Gold medal for the secondary category,never expect that!!Hahaha..!Happy Happy!! Another good news is that Patrick too won a Gold medal for the tertiary category.LU dominated 3 point shootout!!High five with Patrick... Joshua Samuel my Choir member and his friend Sam can dunk the standard height rim,everyone was like wow! Blacks are really talented,their genes are meant for sports...Another Amazing thing was that I accidentally performed an alley loop DUNK when someone missed the shot..The secondary players "Wow!" from behind...Amazing things happening today..Later watched the slam dunk competition,can see stunning moves from the players...

This is the bronze medal I won for basketball 3 on 3.Gold medal for 3 point
basketball 3 point shootout will be given out during EMERGE KL '08 gua
Wanna thanks Dini Sylviani for coming to support me!She came twice,once is during the 3 on 3 game,another one is before 3 point shootout,she so busy and yet can buy ice-cream for her cell group member,can see her love!! She went all the way to pyramid to fetch her sister than buy ice-cream in pyramid and come back again to Sunway College to give us delicious ice-cream.Thank You Dini!!Your ice-cream very nice and tickle my taste buds. Later I went and retrieve my medals from Abel,like I just won MTV awards,take photo with Abel shaking hands..

Later went to Ian's place,we took our dinner there,Ian's mum so young leh,her cooking very skillful,the meehoon so nice,the soup and the chicken!!My favourite!After that we watch badminton match,Lee Chong Wei against Lin Dan..Chong Wei lose oh...But got second place,quite good d..Later we fellowship together..The girls afraid of Ian's dog,Honey,they kept screaming when Honey is around,lol!!Hoo!What a day man!! Ciaozzz... =)

Monday, August 11, 2008

I hate insects,Young Wae hate cats...

Today is PMR trials,good luck to all the form 3's!! Everyone of us went back to our classes earlier than before...

This time,the whole school was filled with silentness...Only 5 Bakti downstairs so noisy,I can say that 5 Bakti is the noisiest and hyperactive among the form 5's. Zhi Sheng absent to school today,haizzz...Lack one companion...He is a joker and conjurer leh although sometimes he's a bit rude. Anyway,when I about to sit,Michael pointed me a spider! A huge spider! Unusual,spectacular spider,long legs,its body is small like a pin ball,the legs is extremely long. Sorry Michael I really cannot take it,I killed it and smash it...Felt a bit remorseful in my heart.We covered the body with paper...Young Wae took over Zhi Sheng place and he is afraid of spider,hehehe... ^^

Later after recess,the spider gone from nowhere...Anyway,who cares?Today more than 3 teachers absent and replacement teacher kept coming in...We saw another spider,this time it looks deadly,red and black in colour,it looks poisonous..Young Wae was so freak out that he asked me to kill it,I had enough adi.. =) but somehow.. Me too cannot take it,the spider fell to the ground and crawl towards us,I at first gave him a path of life,but it ran towards the pit of hell,I stomp the spider relentless,it shrink itself,perhaps its in a defensive "mode" , i used a paper and place the dead spider on top of it and put it on Young Wae's table,hahaha!!You should have seen his reaction,he withdraw from his sit and kept begging me to throw it away,but Joon Wei flung the spider towards Young Wae,this time is funnier...You can see him panicking,observing his uniform around to make sure it does not stay on his shirt cuz he is afraid of insects!

Young Wae told us all the stories about killing cats,he hated cats a lot...He killed more than 20 cats...Michael,me and Julian was so shocked after listening to his story.Incident like,he trap few cats in a plastic and threw it towards the fence,blood can be seen over the plastic bag,his brother and him swing the golf club and break the cat's jaw,putting a fire cracker ball on the cats mouth and explode,fling the cat from high ground with its head aiming the ground,his brother using a car go forth and back squashing the cat.How cruel is it man!Sigh...

Went to Michael's house for add maths project,thanks to him I finally done my graph...I haven't done my pjk homework yet cuz i don't know which page to write for notes.Totally no idea,I asked few of my friends and they don't know,they don't even care to finish...Haizzz..Hope tommorow i'm able to get through this..Well,thats all for today..See ya!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Cannot escape from school replacement class,my parents got the news so fast...Anyway, I brought my handphone to school!! Yea!! Last time I'm not brave enough to bring cell phone to school. I hid it in my bag and take it out after the assembly.Today the amount of students is low compared to the last replacement school.

We went to chemistry class,me,Zhi Sheng,Young Wae,Lay Wing talking about the film " The Dark Knight " . Me,Sheng,John and Julian imitated the joker. Hahaha!! Nothing better to do ma... "Why so serious?" "Let me put a smile on your face! " . After that,we went and play basketball,our class was locked up and we put our bags outside of the class. This time I played as a point guard, quite fun to play assist, we have a fun time laughing because Young Wae jokes are just so funny,he,Edward and Jonathan kept teasing each other and dare each other to score points..

We sweat as if we came back from 3K complex... Never knowing that is BM period and Pn Rozaimi is waiting for us. She asked me where i went,I said i stomach ache went to toilet,pity Young Wae and the other malays,they filled in Borang Salah Laku and I don't need to.... After recess,we went and play again,I'm training Sheng and Julian the art of basketball,hahah!! I heard Young Wae and Jonathan play truent,they climb through the fence and went to Luk Jiang's house....Swt...

We play and we rest...JC and his friend,forgotten his name,he is a school team player...We sat down near the staircase outside of my class and chat until 12.05pm and I went out of school,John and Young Wae was playing outside of the school early.We play a couple of one on one KO basketball game and went back home.

I came back home watch the movie i bought yesterday in summit "Red Cliff " . I also did watched " The Dark Knight " yesterday night from 12am till 2am...Thats why I'm tired...Later I went for choir practice and serve in the service.Pastor Keith preached a great sermon,is about passion.

After service,I followed Ian's car to watch "Meet Dave " in summit,but before that we decided to visit Sharon,Ding Ding! We went to Pyramid and bought her 2 J.CO donuts,both chocolates cuz we heard she loves chocolate a lot... Then,Ian asked me to be the one to ask her to come out from her house while they are hiding. I called her and she came out,she looked kinda surprise,must be wondering " Why Andy come all the way to my house,Why is he doing here?" Hahaha!! I passed her the donuts than Ian and the gang came out and sing "We wish you a merry christmas" play play only...On purpose....See Sharon very happy,her cell group came all the way to visit her even she cannot make it for service...We prayed for her and Elaine for their upcoming PMR trials.Ding Ding,Jia You!!Gambatte! =)

We rush to the movie,buy food and drinks and entered,thank God haven't started yet...The whole movie is just so funny,whacky and really make me laugh till my belly hurts..Very sleepy after watching.Went back home,and here I am!! Hehehe...! Thats all for today, ciaozzz....!! ^^

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Is this a common thing or unfortunate?

Yawn~ XD I can barely wake up from my comfortable "nest" , just kept telling myself "Another 5 more minutes and I will wake up! " . Sigh... Well, 5 minutes late... I went to the school canteen before assembly, Young Wae was sleeping there with his hands cross over..Me too straight dose over my bag and slept until the bell rang. I felt so weird today,it seems i walked faster than anyone else, Jeremy Goh told me that, I'm not in a hurry anyway... Wednesday and Thursday,the first period subject is BM and our teacher is known as tigeress,some called her the devil from hell,some said she is Lucifer's servant, some cursed her B**** from hell... She is Puan Rozaimi,to me,she loves trouble,like to see chaos happens,loves to punish,never smile...Jonathan suggest to the class during English last week,after SPM paint Puan Rozaimi's car red instead of Painting the town red. Quite pity for her,she causes everyone to hate her. Well,I'm disgusted of her attitude. She was a discipline teacher but later on pass on to Jonathan's mum, Puan Cheng... And she is still trying to act as a discipline teacher...

The first period,my whole classmates from 5 Bakti was punished and do our homework outside of the class in the middle of the assembly floor. I was hoping no one to see us,is very embarrassing!! The homework is Peribahasa,aiyo...What can you expect,we guys are not poet... We cooperate by sharing and finding the answer... We spent half of the period outside,but thank God i finished earlier than the others,I was the FIRST to finish! I was quite panick because I'm the only one in class hoping someone to come in quick so I will not be isolated with the "demon"...

Another unfortunate thing was that I forgotten to bring my history text book for Form 4! Teacher didn't give the objective papers for those who didn't bring their text book and have to share with those who brought it... After recess,we gotta fill in the "Borang henti sekolah" filled in information of all the activities in Badan Beruniform,Persatuan,Permainan that you took part in or represent for school during this 5 years in school. Kinda troublesome,we gotta pass it and allow the responsible teacher for the Club to sign it after school. We came earlier than the teacher,come on!!Everybody wants to go back home! Irreponsible teachers! After 10 minutes,only some of them arrived,others taking their own sweet time...CIS!! I don't wanna keep my mum waiting,they should announce it 1 day earlier so i can inform my parents,I planning to hang in tommorow...

I went to Michael Yong's house for add maths project,thank God he has all the information i want! I went back home and did the half of it. It was partially done. Next half will be tommorow.And tommorow is talentime semi-final in City Harvest! Will update more next time.... =) Ciaozzzz

Sunday, August 3, 2008

So....So....Day =) August 2nd,Sat

2nd of August....Action speaks louder than words,well....I first said wanna go to school and help out for the Gotong-Royong event but somehow i overslept,therefore,missed it! Hahaha! But heard lots of news from Zhi Sheng about people dancing there very "chun" after cleaning up the school...Sigh...regret over not showing up,missed all the fun, felt envy when i imagine my friend's laughter...Should be there! Well....No use crying over spill milk...

But breakfast was fantastic! Coincidently,HBO astro is filming "Home Alone" at 11.20am ,my favourite movie during my childhood time! =) Its been a long time since I last watched this film...When i was in primary school,i watch it repeatly... Lunch time! Indo mee! My favourite! Paradise leh...Never forget to exercise to maintain weight and keep fit...

After my meals,I went to my chinese tuition at USJ 1 S.J.K (C) Chee Wen .Its every Saturday 2pm...I always reached 30 minutes earlier,sometimes play some basketball,but you know la primary school basketball rim standard low,what can you expect?I often go there for a dunk ball,feels good,cuz i don't shoot ball in a low standard rim,i don't even need to leap from the ground and I'm able to touch the rim...Anyway,i juz gave one shot and ciaozzz..No mood to play...

Once class dismissed,i hastily walked out from the school and went to summit,rushing to church,its in SS13,the famous City Harvest Church =),gotta attend Choir practice before service starts,Choir practice is 1 hour before service.Don't wanna be late.....Along the way to summit,i was hoping a taxi to pass by me so i can have a ride..But my hopes failed! Not as lucky as last time....Can you just imagine for 1 second,walking under the hot,blazing sun! I was sweating in the same time concerning of the time...When i arrived at Summit,enjoyed few minutes of the air conditional,I saw Chong Li in Summit while buying some drinks...Then,continue my journey to church...

Cross the bridge,at first I attempt to cross to the other side with using the bridge,but sigh....Don't wanna cause any trouble,instead of risking my life,better take the bridge,a safety pathway...Hallelujah! Taxi! By the time i reached church,i was 10 minutes late for practice,i ran quickly to CHEC...When i open the door,everyone gave a big stare on me.My leader crack a joke on me by saying late comers will be punished later,before I could explain,all of them laughed at me and said is a joking,don't take it seriously,haha!They understand,cuz i'm still high school...

Today service was a blast! Its about order,authority... Su Lin came today!Rarely see her in service,chat with her for quite long,about dancing ah, was discussing with her of joining talentime dance category together,college life ah,a bit of tips and advice about SPM from her.After that,we had cell group just for once in this kind of occasion. We usually have cell group on Friday...Quite short,cuz not enough time...Yum Cha time! Really enjoyed fellowshiping with Dini,Shan Yong,Jocelyn,May Gee,and Jocelyn's sister,Lee Ying,same year as me... Thank you for Shan Yong introducing nice and sweet songs i never heard before on the radio...Kesian Shan Yong,he is running out of battery,left 3%,mine is remaining 93%,is better if we can transfer some energy to one's phone,perhaps next time!If technology develop to a higher level,more advance...Because he is gonna meet his friend soon and need communication,I willingly,a bit of reluctant in mind,eventually I exchanged battery with him...He is my brother ma... ^^

Dini also changed in terms of personality!Very unusual,she a bit "high" very hyperactive!She start blessing people by spending money on meals for us,and she kept buying food to eat...Hahaha!!We wanted to pay her back but she replied a phrase that I liked it,she said "Don't reject the blessings from God!" Oh well! Thank Dini! When people spend you something,don't reject it,if you were him,you too hoped that the person you wanna bless accept it...So,give face!Hahaha!!

Wa....! I think thats it for today! Quite long...Don't know what else I miss,but anyway this are some of the highlights of today,cannot mention everything in once. Will update next time! =)