Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20/08/2008>>>20082008 Double digits!!

Today is 20082008! Double digits if you remove "/" hehehe....! =) School holidays is kinda sien lo..Prefered going to school. At least there are friends,but in the holidays,I can stay away from Pn.Rozaimi,that tigeress,always angry at people,cannot tolerate students that prank on her..Today short post lo.. Yawn~ Slept the whole afternoon...Then go tuition from 6.10pm till 8.40pm..My english teacher Miss Lynn,she is funny,have the sense of humour,make us laugh in the class today,she was mentioning about life and sex..By the way,don't get me wrong,I mean healthy sex life after marriage ,too many times our mind is poison by Malaysia that sex are dirty and unclean..No wonder people faced problems like divorce..

Oh!! Never mess with our kasturi Mod Math teacher,Mr Jyoges,got one indian kena "Zha" kau kau cuz he mocked at teacher when demonstrating on something,the indian clapped his hands as if he was amazed by teacher's experiment.Teacher called him to come forth and asked him a few question which make the class laugh, in the end Mr Jyoges said this phrase " You clapped your hands means I've done something great and you never seen before,therefore,you are stupid!" .Once again the class filled with laughter...

In the end the teacher make fun of the students in public...Is best to keep our mouth shut or we will make ourselves a conjurer in front of the class...Well,today short post.. Ciaozz..!!

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