Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bronze medal!! Gold medal!!

Yay!!Today is an Excellent day,Ok lo,quite satisfying.In the morning I was nervous and quite excited for the upcoming Basketball 3 on 3 secondary and Basketball 3 point shootout competition for EMERGE '08. Nelson can make it finally!! Exercise after breakfast,preparing for the competition. Later my mum fetch me,Nelson and Vincent to church. Reached there around 12.50pm,thank goodness the church office have a printer and a computer,I forgotten to bring the form for my team mates to fill in,parents approval,hehehe...We filled in ourselves Xp..

In the mean time,pity Young Wae,he was waiting there for a very long time,kept smsing me when am I gonna arrive.We were waiting transportation to Sunway College..Finally 4 of us need to walk there.When we reached there,Young Wae was quite piss off,but then later he is ok with it,hehehe...He don't get angry very fast.We warmed up,the basketball rim in Sunway College looks high,but me,Young Wae and Vincent can reach it...Young Wae was impatient cuz we warmed up and waited the competition for quite long d..Finally it start..

First game is us LU cluster vs MINT cluster...It was quite tough..Nelson said we kinda "fong sui" play like very slumber only XD..Hahaha!!We were quite disappointed to lose the 1st round,Gold medal gone... We planned our strategy and watch the game until our turn. LU vs VU...We at 1st lead them,but then got beaten,cuz we are tired...Sigh!!Silver medal gone!! Last game,Young Wae have to go back for tuition,lost one player leh!! But this last game played very well...Actually I should thanks Patrick,he coaches me as I played,I scored the most,among 9 points,I score 7,1 from Jonathan and Vincent..We won the Bronze medal!!!

Next competition is the 3 point shootout,I won a Gold medal for the secondary category,never expect that!!Hahaha..!Happy Happy!! Another good news is that Patrick too won a Gold medal for the tertiary category.LU dominated 3 point shootout!!High five with Patrick... Joshua Samuel my Choir member and his friend Sam can dunk the standard height rim,everyone was like wow! Blacks are really talented,their genes are meant for sports...Another Amazing thing was that I accidentally performed an alley loop DUNK when someone missed the shot..The secondary players "Wow!" from behind...Amazing things happening today..Later watched the slam dunk competition,can see stunning moves from the players...

This is the bronze medal I won for basketball 3 on 3.Gold medal for 3 point
basketball 3 point shootout will be given out during EMERGE KL '08 gua
Wanna thanks Dini Sylviani for coming to support me!She came twice,once is during the 3 on 3 game,another one is before 3 point shootout,she so busy and yet can buy ice-cream for her cell group member,can see her love!! She went all the way to pyramid to fetch her sister than buy ice-cream in pyramid and come back again to Sunway College to give us delicious ice-cream.Thank You Dini!!Your ice-cream very nice and tickle my taste buds. Later I went and retrieve my medals from Abel,like I just won MTV awards,take photo with Abel shaking hands..

Later went to Ian's place,we took our dinner there,Ian's mum so young leh,her cooking very skillful,the meehoon so nice,the soup and the chicken!!My favourite!After that we watch badminton match,Lee Chong Wei against Lin Dan..Chong Wei lose oh...But got second place,quite good d..Later we fellowship together..The girls afraid of Ian's dog,Honey,they kept screaming when Honey is around,lol!!Hoo!What a day man!! Ciaozzz... =)

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