Saturday, August 30, 2008

EMERGE '08 Day 1 !!

Yay!! Finally EMERGE!! But before that 6 more hours to go...At 2.30pm,I went and fetched Jasrynn from Sunway College,wanna go watch a movie "Don't mess with the Zohan" . She at first said wanna watch with her friends,but then,she wanna company me,hehe!! We went to pyramid and book the tickets..Than,I waited for her making up and dressing...So long la...LOL! Jasrynn why so long? Hahaha! Later we have nothing to do,1 more hour before the movie starts..We walked around,see some clothes,I think we chat more when lepaking...

20 minutes before the movie,we bought our drinks and food..The movie "Don mess with the Zohan" is really hilarous,whacky,I just kept laughing with ceasing,is a non-stop laughing comedy..You should watch too man!! I rated 10/10!! After that,we rush to sunway convention centre for EMERGE!! We arrived there at 6.30pm, enter and book one roll of sits,but not enough,cuz there are many new friends coming,Jorida and CC came!! Both So You Think Can Dance top 10 finalist!! Anyway,me,Jasrynn and Shan Yong sacrificed our sits for them,we three sat together but then Shan Yong separated with us cuz sitting with his friends..

EMERGE really a great impact to me,we kept worshipping for ermmm..I don't know? 1 hour? Or more than that,pastor Kong is a great man of God! Through the worship I realized lots of stuff..Than,the programmes goes on...Celebrities performed on stage,Danny One and Liu Geng Hong!! Both sang on stage,glad they are part of City Harvest Church! ^^ Love their songs! Romantic and meaningful... The dance team O'school from Singapore is simply awesome man! Love their break,lock and pop! Wanna be like them Xp...

The clappometer was displayed at the LCD screen,is based on how to crowd cheer 1% to 100%. This competition is for the POS-Parade of schools..Their stunning moves,power,turve,flipping,jealous la,next year will join!! 2 teams gain 100% from the crowds that is MINT and VU,another 2 83% which is LU and SMU,haizzz...still have 25 medals to be current leading medal tally is the MINT,following is LU,SMU and VU cluster..

After the conference,I'm asking all the members and new friends to gather,brief and pray,but then they are distracted by CC attention,the champion for So You Think You Can Dance,all of kept pushing me to ask her to take a picture with her and JDA,so I boldly asked them...I also took with the two of them too!

JDA,me and CC

Quite happy lo,at first I don't wanna take,but now opportunity came,so I embrace it,bluek!! Xp,later went back home late around 1.19am..Slept and later going for EMERGE at night 6pm...Will update soon..Ciaozzz!! ^^

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