Saturday, August 23, 2008

EMERGE KL '08 Countdown in 5 days..Hot and spicy!!

I feel terribly sorry Teacher Anne I cannot make it for Ace-Edventure farewell party!!Is once in a lifetime...Anyway,I went to church,registered chinese chess competition..I'm just so tense after looking how the contestants play,their strategy and scheme simply amazing,me just standing beside them trying to predict their next move,if only I'm foresighted,hahaha!! At the end,lost lo,what to do?Me go there play play only not serious wan,no patient in chess, just simply make a move,a MISTAKE move, just one mistake move and ruin the whole strategy!!Grrrr...!! Chat with Letticia bout psychology stuff,personal issues,bluek!! I'm telling you,psychology is fun and interesting!!You can understand people!!On Friday,Elaine and Letticia can tell me a whole bunch of stuff bout me just by looking at my eyes,and you know what?Their assumption is 100% accurate!!Wow!Really impressive!

Hope Ian How is ok,my ex cell leader of W-11,this wonderful brother kind,compassionate,helpful,understanding and handsome,not many people are like him. He is the one change my mindset about people,he is really willing,don't feel tired helping people,gentleman,making people happy and laugh too!!Ian How!!What a great cell group members you have!After the accident,they gave you something which I don't know what is it cuz I'm no longer W-11 member , sob..sob...Anyway,is a special gift lo...

Later went for Choir practice,first time practice in the hall,took picture with them,Charisma very active,took some pictures with her.Heheh....My choir members was shock when they get to know I'm only 17 years old! Hahaha!! Glad to be the youngest in the team..Next year 18 years old,getting older lo.. Here are some of the photos:

This are my choir team for Saturday...Cheerful people..

Sam,Charisma and me

Me squezzing in ^^

Sam,Charisma,Robin me and Adrian,hehe..!!Charisma protected by 4 charmings,LOL!

Finally,me and Charisma... ^^Smile!!

Service was great,my choir members really "high" on stage,we jumped and spinned during Praise and Worship...Prizes and medals gave away to all the winners during the service too..LU cluster has the most gold medals!!!Hehehe!!All the Gold medalist will be given on the last day of EMERGE!!Yay!I will be going on stage to retrieve my Gold medal for the basketball 3 point shootout...

After service,we went to take hotdogs,but only left buns cuz a lot of people took the hotdogs,not enough...Haizz..Anyway,we join Ian's cell group for dinner in a restoran called "Ayam Penyek" .We have a lot of fun there!!The food was delicious!!I love ayam penyek man! Is famous for its spicy flavour,hot!Hot!Hot! Burned my lips!We had lots of fun there!Elaine,Letticia and Shan Yong's friend kept laughing and laughing,I have no idea why they kept laughing?Food so hot until I ordered two mineral water..Indo food so nice..Stomach burning.

We came to church to pick Joy up,I saw POS-Parade Of Schools training their formation,Go LU!!Next year I planning to join POS!!Hehehe!!So fun!While waiting for Joy,I showed my progress handstand to Patrick and Shan Yong,hehehe...!Can stand there for quite long,also got hand walk too..Next year EMERGE must join lots of stuff,talentime Dance,talentime Vocal may be 2 years later,need to train my vocal chords.. Xp K la,time to log off ! Will update next time! ^^

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