Saturday, August 9, 2008


Cannot escape from school replacement class,my parents got the news so fast...Anyway, I brought my handphone to school!! Yea!! Last time I'm not brave enough to bring cell phone to school. I hid it in my bag and take it out after the assembly.Today the amount of students is low compared to the last replacement school.

We went to chemistry class,me,Zhi Sheng,Young Wae,Lay Wing talking about the film " The Dark Knight " . Me,Sheng,John and Julian imitated the joker. Hahaha!! Nothing better to do ma... "Why so serious?" "Let me put a smile on your face! " . After that,we went and play basketball,our class was locked up and we put our bags outside of the class. This time I played as a point guard, quite fun to play assist, we have a fun time laughing because Young Wae jokes are just so funny,he,Edward and Jonathan kept teasing each other and dare each other to score points..

We sweat as if we came back from 3K complex... Never knowing that is BM period and Pn Rozaimi is waiting for us. She asked me where i went,I said i stomach ache went to toilet,pity Young Wae and the other malays,they filled in Borang Salah Laku and I don't need to.... After recess,we went and play again,I'm training Sheng and Julian the art of basketball,hahah!! I heard Young Wae and Jonathan play truent,they climb through the fence and went to Luk Jiang's house....Swt...

We play and we rest...JC and his friend,forgotten his name,he is a school team player...We sat down near the staircase outside of my class and chat until 12.05pm and I went out of school,John and Young Wae was playing outside of the school early.We play a couple of one on one KO basketball game and went back home.

I came back home watch the movie i bought yesterday in summit "Red Cliff " . I also did watched " The Dark Knight " yesterday night from 12am till 2am...Thats why I'm tired...Later I went for choir practice and serve in the service.Pastor Keith preached a great sermon,is about passion.

After service,I followed Ian's car to watch "Meet Dave " in summit,but before that we decided to visit Sharon,Ding Ding! We went to Pyramid and bought her 2 J.CO donuts,both chocolates cuz we heard she loves chocolate a lot... Then,Ian asked me to be the one to ask her to come out from her house while they are hiding. I called her and she came out,she looked kinda surprise,must be wondering " Why Andy come all the way to my house,Why is he doing here?" Hahaha!! I passed her the donuts than Ian and the gang came out and sing "We wish you a merry christmas" play play only...On purpose....See Sharon very happy,her cell group came all the way to visit her even she cannot make it for service...We prayed for her and Elaine for their upcoming PMR trials.Ding Ding,Jia You!!Gambatte! =)

We rush to the movie,buy food and drinks and entered,thank God haven't started yet...The whole movie is just so funny,whacky and really make me laugh till my belly hurts..Very sleepy after watching.Went back home,and here I am!! Hehehe...! Thats all for today, ciaozzz....!! ^^

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