Monday, September 1, 2008

EMERGE KL '08 Grand Finale... =D

Well 31st of August is the final day of EMERGE 2008, is a very busy day,in the morning,did some revision,took a bath and took my lunch,then Shan Yong fetched me from home..By the time we reached Sunway Convention is already 1.20pm,we saw Ian's cell group members eating Macdonalds..Hehehe...Went there and ate sundae strawberry..At 1.45pm we went to the Art of Praise and Worship workshop in City Harvest Church,we learnt many things from the Singapore CHC team... Through this workshop I realized some of the points stated by the worship leaders and musician..During the question and answer sessions,many people asked different question and the leaders have no problem of answering,they are really good man...

After the workshop,we went to the bus and reached Sunway Convention. Now I'm started to get busy in taking attendance,sending sms asking my members how many friends are they bringing..I calculated is more than 20 people,so we book 3 rows.. We have plenty of time now,Shan Yong later called me to come to the nearest Atrium restoran which have a pool table,I sat down and watched them play,too tired d... Elaine and Tze Yee joined us after attending the children ministry workshop.. Hehehe..! Happy chatting with Tze Yee bout the workshop and etc...

Me and Tze Yee Jie Jie sleeping soundlessly,zzzz ^^

Me and Jie sleeping(acting) add in Little Elaine... Xp

Around 5.30pm,I met lots of friends from SMK USJ 13 and church friends near the hall entrance,Michelle,Jian Ming,Jocelyn,Julian,Elaine,Sharon,Phei Wen,Reynard,Jeremy,Justin.. Jorida was there too.. I sat at the front 1st row left side for later prize presentation..EMERGE Praise and Worship was awesome, the joy and hunger for God,is a great experience dwelling presence of God,the holy spirit just overflow the entire hall,many people shed tears,many lifes have changed..

Tze Yee took a picture of me while I'm calling... =)

Liu Geng Hong presented his song Cai Hong Tian Tang, a touching song..After that,we listened a powerful testimony from Artisted Director for Liu Geng Hong and Zhang Hui Mei,how she came to Christ. The spelling bee competition secondary category won by Phei Wen !! From W-11 cell group,wow! She so pro,her efforts never fail. Congratz Phei Wen!! Just simply amazed by the competition," Faster Talker" just how fast they speak,with accuracy pronounciation..Now is the prize presentation and medals awards!! I went on stage to retrieve my Gold Medal for Basketball 3 Point Shootout,kinda nervous..What surprise us is that the famous Actress Petrina Wong Po Po was interviewed on stage by Pastor Kevin!!! Pastor Kevin have to struggle his cantonese with the famous Actress,haha!!We sat there for hours and listen to her history story..

Currently Pastor Kevin is a mentor of Wong Po Po..Pastor Kong later gave her and the other celebrities like Liu Geng Hong to pray for all the new friends that responded to the alter call..Lots of new friends really touched by Pastor Kong statement,the worship that touched their hearts..Christianity is not a religion,no rules of Do's and Don's,is about love,forgiveness,relationship with God,with people.. After praying and worshipping,we sang Great is Our God!!

The song ended with a surprise of blast of fireworks like that.People scream and scream .We sang a farewell song before end the conference, "That's what friends are for" I can see behind a lot of people feel so touched and cried, just so hard to say good bye.. So,we sang an old chinese song,which I don't know but is nice...Thanks Pastor Kong,Pastor Kevin,Esther,David,Keith and the others making EMERGE a blast event!! Muacks!

After EMERGE,we took photos combination of W-11 and W-28!!Hehehe..! Here are the photos :

Love you guys =)

Everyone looks so happy!! =)You guys are dashing,Ian(most front) is our tai lou ^^

Man!We are strong enough to carry Nelson

Me and Xin Chieh,why I look so serious? Xp

Me and Phei Wen,the champion for spelling bee and Basketball 3 point shootout.. =)

Me and Ding Ding!! Nice Smile =)

Miss EMERGE so so much!!See you guys next year in EMERGE KL!!

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