Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Hari Raya!!

Finally get to update my blog!! This few days very busy! Last sunday,28th of September,we celebrated elaine's birthday in pyramid,lots of people involved in the surprise...Heard that she is touched and tears came down..After her birthday celebration,me and Julian went to mid valley with Chong Li. But we ate in KFC first and take a ride on a cab to the train station near Carrefour,Guo Yao,Peter and Zhi Sheng waited so long there...I think we spent our whole time waiting for the train,going to the next stop,haizzz... I told them to hang out in pyramid instead lo..We attend the exhibition in mid valley there,no idea what is that,but quite fun... We see people dressing different animation clothes...Later we saw Cecilia,the champion for So You Think You Can Dance season 2 performing on stage with other guys...

We met up with Eugene,Jefferson,Wai Kin and Calvin than split up again..Our gang was making a hard decision to watch a movie which is our final activity of the day in pyramid or mid valley.Finally we rush to the train station and hurried back to Guo Yao's house,we had dinner in his house..At first we are excited that we going to watch a movie called " Black Water" but then my mum called me to come back home cuz is too late...I was so sad and frustrated,but thanks to my friend,Guo Yao,he helped me talk to my mum and successfully we convinced her...She fetched us to pyramid...

That movie really shock us cuz we sat in the front row...A tragic film and is based on true story,4 went and only 1 came back...Never go to a swampy area..

This is my poem that I composed today..Just a short short poem,don't want it to be too long...This is one part of it...Will post it down when I have it in mind... =)

You're my inspiration
I can still remember there is once
Your hair swept through my face
When you ran pass me
Seeing you flying like an angel
Represents your familiar gentleness
As if there is nothing troubles your heart
A barrier against the despair of this world
Such freedom and liveliness within you
Gave me the inspiration to be set free
From loads of problems
Your beautiness struck my inner vitality
As if there is none able to persuade my heart to
Turn my eyes off you to someone else
Thousands of snow flakes cannot be compare to
Your fairest skin
However what I love best about you
Is your lovely sweet smile
It brightens up my day
Seeing you smiling through your photo,friendster,blog
Brings me joy and happiness
It is you that teached me how to smile
It is your smile that gives
Most attention to me compared to others

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