Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trials fever!!

Last Thursday and Friday, I was like spending 2 hours in "HELL" for Biology and Chemistry paper 1 and 2!! Especially my chemistry,really cannot finish on time. This is unbelievable and unacceptable! Paper 1 which is objective left 9 questions unsolved and need to decide the answer quickly. In contrary,I can finish paper 2 which is structural and essay question on time..Objective paper leh!! How embarrassing!!

Saturday and Sunday,I was asking people around for Trials tips... Mandarin tuition boring...Me,Guo Yao enjoy looking at pretty girls..Don't get me wrong,is very usual,this is part of a teenage growth..If we are not interested in girls,there is something wrong with us then... Me and Guo Yao chatting of the type of girls we like,hehehe...! We also asked Zhi Sheng to join us.. The primary students are having some sort of camp motivation,they are climbing ropes,is easy for us now,haha!!

Pastor Tan Siaw How came to our church as a family guest speaker! His sermon was so great that everyone shed in tears,is a awesome night...I admit,I shed in tears,I was holding back the tears from dripping... But in front of God presence,be humble.. Pastor Tan preached about Journey Of A Dream...There are 5 process in the journey : Birth of a dream,Delay of a dream,Death of a dream,Resurrection of a dream,Fulfilment of a dream...He told us about stories happen to his church,his members,his dream...Very touching and meaningful..He also showed us the clip about his church journey.. This greatly man of God impact the hearts of many..Presence of God just overflowed the entire hall. Many decisions had been made. Pastor Tan is right,every dream will have delay,go through death,then resurrect and fulfilled...

Thank God I obtain tips from Anthony's tuition... Physics tips for tommorow..

Sigh...Today post quite short,will update after trials,it will end by this friday... Ciaozzz! =)

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