Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trials!! One week blog once..

Long time no blog...Xp Well,after EMERGE,still bringing the fire and passion,burning deeply inside of me. Anyway, enjoyed yesterday service,but the attendance for our cell group is quite low..Feel quite lonely in service,but glad to know new friends! Thanks to pastor,he learnt from pastor Kong during EMERGE,place a 3 minute count down to go around and know each other,so I get to know my neighbours!! One of them still remember me during SALT camp 2 years ago when I was form 3,she said Pastor so shock when he saw me dye my hair blonde,like lala zai only..Hehe!!

Then,get to know one new friend from Jasmine cell group,her name is Hope,African girl,so cool man! She can dance hip hop,wanna cooperate with her for the next EMERGE talentime dance category...Xp We went to Pyramid and ate at Wendy's,wow! The fries there is 2 times better than Macdonalds,I bought another set after eating the first set,so hungry..

After 2 hours,I ate and watched movies...Well,today slept and woke up,Macdonalds again!!Too many fast foods d..Later,went to Anthony's tuition,passed the disc to Young Wae...Funny la in class,lots of jokes..Anthony said I look like Syin Sze's elder brother wor,I had a shock of my life,no way man!! I took some photos there,hahaha!! Great to learn and in the same time have fun..

Anthony is teaching,but yea,I'm concentrating too!! =) Lol!! This is Lee Young Wae,my little brother,he very shy.. LOL!Take 2! He purposely pose like that...

On the way back,I asked my parents to drop me at the basketball court,wanna play for a while,long time didn't touch the ball..Saw Aaron and Ah Fung there,we played a game of 2 on 2,hehe!Quite fun,I realized my speed and jumping improved d.. =) I received a sms from Ace Edventure from teacher Kinsan,she said that she liked my testimonials for Ace,they gonna publish it and wanted me to come by Ace Edventure on 3pm cuz they arranged a professional photographer to take a photo of me,heheh!! Happy!! =) Love Ace-Edventure!

My dad took me and my family to eat in a restoran,from outside you can see is like a factory,anyway I just don't like the ambience inside of the restoran,like so not cool man..Haizzz..But I love the food there,my mum and dad understand what kind of food I love,so touching..Heheh!! Chiong Cheng fish,Gu Ru York,Funny names..Hahaha!!And yea,they know I only love to eat green vegetables,green and leaf type, japanese tou fu..

After all the fun,time to revise my BM literature for tommorrow trials..Now I can only blog once a week..

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