Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cousin's wedding,TVXQ New Album MIROTIC!!

Glad to hear that my grandmother is ok,she fell down from the steps and fractured her right hand. After the operation,the doctor said is alright..Phew! We went to Segamat in Johor for Yee Fee my cousin's wedding... Got ang pau of course.Hahaha!! We went to the same big restoran like the last wedding,me kept going to the toilet la,cuz kept drinking water and eating..Later I performed singing on stage and ciaozzz...

On the way back,my dad and I was frustrated cuz traffic jam,me myself don't even know where are we...Hahaha!! But finally we reached subang and ate at Sri Melur,wow! I ate a lot today...Went back home watch Bleach!! Planning to watch more anime like Fate Stay Night and One Piece after SPM...

Also,not to mention the latest Album release by TVXQ,the song Mirotic was simply awesome and cool man! Thanks to Yee Sing,her recommendation for me to listen..^^ hehe... Here are all the photos: I know you girls like it! XD

So cun man all five of them Junsu,yuchun,jaejoong,changmin,yunho...Their songs very nice...Should listen to it,especially you girls out there and macho guys...New dance moves can be learn and used for the song,hahaha!!

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