Monday, October 27, 2008

High School Musical 3!!Food Poisoning and Gastric...

On Saturday which is the 25th of October,after service me and my subzone members went to summit and watch High School Musical 3!! It was fantastic,more romantic and sweet songs!! Hahaha! Kinda sad lo... Can hear Letticia laugh out loud during the show,Lol! After the show,we wanted to clap our hands,cuz is really a nice movie,the last movie...We took photos our whole subzone outside of the cinema,also took photos of us high school,haizzz...This is my final year man... Here are the photos after the movie... =)

Subzone(West) group picture... =)
High school students of SMK USJ 13!!
My cell group buddies!! =)
The next day,I have food poisoning and gastric...So suffering,I went back home after dinner,took a nap,is difficult to sleep,cuz my stomach feeling upset...Haizzz...Cannot burp also..Is like my stomach filled with food that haven't been digested...Not that free...

At night,well,thats the worst part of my life,I find it difficult to vomit! I know I need to vomit cuz if I let it contaminated in my stomach,it will just feel pain...I sms Yee Sing,she is so so good and caring,she sms me and be there for me until I go and sleep..Hehehe..Doctor Yee Sing taught me how to vomit out,I stick my finger on my throat and Wala! I puke!! Felt much better after puking,I sms Yee Sing until I slept...Thanks Yee Sing!!! Muacks!! Grateful to have a best friend like you... ^^ She sms me the next day just to make sure I take my meals....Went to see the doctor....He state that I have food poisoning and gastric...Hahaa!! Me still can laugh... Remember to take my meals regularly!! Anyway long time never see Yee Sing d.... This is the photo I took with her along with my primary school mate during form 3,at the back of Pn.Khairiah's tuition centre!!

Seng Hon,Yee Sing and me... =) 2006/form 3 year

p/s: Last time form 3 and 4 I always spike my hair using gel,hair cream,wax...This year form 5 put nothing,just plain,change style ma... Hahaha!! Listening to Huey Ching advice... =)

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