Monday, October 20, 2008

My cell group friends! Ace-Edventure mates in Shogun!!

Hey! Finally the form 3 is relieved from stress cuz PMR is over! Some worrying the outcome of their results....Well, just relaxed! Hehehe!! So my cell group resume as usual! This time we have our guest speaker,Jasmine!!!She is good man,no grammar mistakes,no hesitation,preached as usual. Dini was sent to Medan for mission trip... Jocelyn Lim just so happy,can see her very hyperactive in cell group and church! Finally! Hahaha!! Can join us for any event,last time before PMR,can really see she put a lot of effort in her studies...Hehehe!! Now no more excuses until next year! We took some photos during supper...But only the girls,for us boys we took pictures for them...
My cell group members,aren't they great! from left:Jasmine,Joy,Jocelyn and Jasrynn...I realized their names starts with letter J!! The J's!! Our cell group have a lot of J's la...Scary!!

Oh,by the way,Teacher Ann gave us a treat at Shogun!! In pyramid!! Hahaa!! Japanese buffet! The food was delicious,me tried lots of stuff! The oyster,oh! Taste quite jelly...And ermmm when you chew and swallow it is as if you are swallowing a mud,is hard to swallow man! We played lots of game,chatting,took photos...And guess what? I met two of my primary class mates from Lick Hung!! Lim Poh Ping and Tay Li Ning,we took pictures together later...Man,we are just having lots of fun...We played "Truth or Dare"... Laughters going on and on,non-stop laughter... Really appreciate Teacher Anne treat! We went back around 10pm...

from left: Yi Jun(acting cute),me,Ju Ee(trying to smile)

My primary classmates!! Me,Poh Ping and Li Ning...Love you guys!!

My classmates and I.... =)

My classmates and our lovely Teacher Ann!! =D

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