Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1 more day till Merdeka!!

Woohoo!! Finally the day has finally come! Tommorow! After merdeka day,i don't know what is the first thing to do leh... Hehehe!! Gotta make this year memorable...Go out with friends,learn and expose to new things!! Just so excited...

And,Choir team of City Harvest I'm back!!!! Yea! Excited to serve in church once again,sing with joy and all out!! After physics on Tuesday,everyone was so happy,can hear them planning outings and so on... Then,today chinese paper,hmmmm...I have no idea whether is it difficult or wat,cuz I juz keep writing and writing, just write from the bottom of my heart,whatever I have in mind, just write it down..

I learnt this technique from an author named "William Forrester" he once said "Just write,don't think.." And,I'm doing right now! Kept typing and typing...His method really works guys!!Also anticipating for this week cell group outing tmrow! W-28 will be having bbq near the pool side...Hope no one push into the pool...Better bring extra clothes just for precaution...

Today I'm blessed by Irene,she gave me a chess set...Hahaha!! It was big and the chess is like crystal,the board shining and transparent...Its very expensive...Tommorow before EST paper I think everyone will be talking and chatting around,cuz there is nothing much to study bout EST, just know the format essay and your knowledge!! Hehehe...! Just have a glimpse on the format and go to the exam hall for the last time!

After SPM,I wanna resume back my dance class...I wanna go gym!! Me and Shahrizal had been talking about going gym together in school... Never been to a gym before,don't know how to use the tools there...Haizzz..Now think back of SPM,last few weeks every single paper that end,I feel so relieve! After first week I thought wouldn't be so stress,but think about it,I felt much more relieve!!

After SPM,I can stretch my wings and FLY!!

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