Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dinner in SMK USJ 13,Last Day In Ace-Edventure!

Last Saturday which is on the 1st of November,me and Michael went to school for the dinner,we expected a lot from the school,but haizzzz....Not many form 5 students are there,mostly Malays and Indians....Some ex-form 5,form 4,and form 3 were there...Is kinda boring over there except for the performance,we saw people singing,dancing,Dennis Yin was there performing,his gang came later on too...Esther Chow and Michelle performing intrumental musical on stage,Violin and Piano...Well,we were shock cuz Mr Annantha went on stage to perform together with the two of them... =) After that,me and Michael took some photos there,we don't wanna go back home with nothing...

Yesterday was the last day attending my english tuition which is Ace-Edventure...I felt completely different when I walked upstairs and wait outside...Is kinda like everything I do is the final and last...Waiting outside the class is the last thing I'm doing,entering class is also the last thing I do...Later,we have a debate about whether War is Justified? Wow,I'm telling you the debate going was intense! So serious and insisting their point of view.. I was like speechless,they are just so good...Teacher Anne explain to us about the war,what was going on the world,and many things I didn't realized...Thank God she told us...

After that,we have party!! We ate pizzas,5 large pizzas,junk foods,soft drinks....We enjoyed and hoping that time will slow down...We didn't wanna end it fast,I still can remember the laughter we had...We took lots of photos with other teachers too...So glad that they are touch because we gave each one of them a gifts.. Gifts from Faceshop!!

I'm not good in saying goodbye with them,but somehow I did,when time is over,everyone of us gave Teacher Anne a big hug....On that moment,my final minute in class,I don't know what to say,should I cry? Should I smile? I'm gonna miss this tuition so much...This tuition "Ace-Edventure" was one of the greatest tuition I ever had from 2005 till 2008,it changed my life too,without it,I think I won't be able to present myself or handle all the difficulties in school...Thank You Teacher Anne,I'm gonna miss you so much!!

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