Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Merdeka Day" is just a few more days to go!!

Wow!! Long time didn't update my blog!! Was busy studying for SPM,you know... Like everyone said " Busy la! SPM leh! Important than everything!" . Those who haven't been through SPM,let me tell you, is not true!! All of us are freak out by this mighty and gigantic word SPM...Is not hard after all...

This is just one part stage of our life.. Anyway, busy studying,hoping to do well in the exam hall.. The first day was not easy for everyone,but soon I can see everybody get used to it.. Its fun though,like "berjuang bersama-sama" in the battlefield..I told Lay Wing,a friend of mine sat beside me,I told him " I glad to have you beside me.." Lol! Swt.. Sometimes I just like to crap up things..

Thank God for Sejarah paper 2,before the paper starts,I was looking up the sky...Cuz is OK and USUAL of unable to answer 1 or few question for structure and essay during the school exam,but this is SPM wor!! No way man! Thank God! Can do quite well,no blanks! Everytime when I wanna proceed to the next question,my heart pump so fast hoping that the next question is familiar to me... And guessed wat? Everything just went so smooth,including moral...We write till our hands ache!

Is tiring,sometimes,I think most of the time I need to stay back at school for the next paper... Then,I need to attend tuition in USJ 9 Kancil Tuition Centre... Its an intensive course,titled " Last Minute Revision" a.k.a LMR... Prepares you with final tips 12 hours before examination... And this time is a different kind of feeling in tuition cuz the next day is ur paper exam!!

Add math paper is really a pain in the neck especially paper 2! Insufficient time!! Haizzz...My friends are stressed! But anyway,glad that it is over finally,is like a releasing of 70% of boulders that pressure in my heart for a long time....

Although SPM is like some sort of pressuring,killing machine or what i called Zaman Gelap...But after the exam,I think when I look back how me and my friends go through until the end,it would be one of my memorable event in life...One Life!!chiaozzz!!

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