Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas party at Elaine Tan Jr's house...

Yesterday we had lots of fun in Elaine Jr's house...We came,talk,introduce ourselves.. That day happy to know some new friends..Get to know one joker,same age with Jeremy Tan. This guy really makes me laugh man..During dinner,I can still remember the laughter,we took photos,some of us get "high" like Sam ah,no difference than drunk, sorry Sam,if you see this,please don't kill me ya... Hahaha!! We play games,sing carol! I can really feel the Christmas mood that night... Oh by the way,we celebrate Phei Wen,Francis and Marc birthday that night,they were so so so blessed by us! Anyway,thanks Elaine making such wonderful Christmas party! Here are the photos:

When we are first arrived,we fellowship together =)

During dinner,we celebrate Phei Wen's birthday!

From left> Justin,me,Zoe and Elaine Sr

We play tangle and "un"tangle games XD

During the game,we took photos...

We also celebrate Marc and Francis birthday!

Justin and Zoe,best dresser male and female! ^^

We gather,form a circle and play some games...

Smile! =)

Happy and lively people! Take 1

Happy people and lively people! Take 2!

This is my first time attending a party that has programme,proper organized! Elaine Tan Jr,don't deny it,you are a great organizer!! =)

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