Saturday, December 13, 2008

Outing with my BESTIE! Ian's WEDDING!!

On Thursday I went outing with my BESTIE! Ding Yee Sing... Its been so long I didn't see her! Miss her so much.. Kinda funny cuz excited to see each other after so long..We played "hide and seek" in pyramid,we suppose to meet each other at the lionhead main entrance of pyramid,we don't know who will reach there earlier..So,we decided to see whether we are able to recognized each other,and we DID!Hehee! Yee Sing really opened up my world,at first I thought MADAGASCAR movie is lame,but somehow I enjoyed! Really funny...You should watch too! We went shopping,see some funky clothes...

We ate at Itallianese...Expensive man! My first time going out with 1 best friend and eat something expensive! We shared food and tried food..Lol! We took some photos there too...We actually took a lot of picture...Just that I LOST MY CAMERA! Nevermind...We still have another outing!

My BEST"EST" FRIEND,Ding Yee Sing... Isn't She's very pretty? Xp

Than,we went shopping..She bought me a nice and cool coat! Cost RM129!!! I was like Awww...Thx Yee Sing! Anyway I gave her a present,a small soft toy polar bear...Hehehe...!! We shop and choose presents to give to our friends...Than,we sat down and chat...Our conversation so long,fun and we wouldn't wanna end...Haizzz...Time just passed so fast! From 11am till 6pm to me is long and fast...

Another IMPORTANT EVENT! IAN'S WEDDING!! Congratz to Ian and Chia Huey..I wore the formal clothes that I bought and Yee Sing present for me to the ceremony..So touching as they declare and spoke to each other to become married couple! We took some photos during his ceremony...And during the dinner,I drank too much wine and DRUNK...My friends had to hold me! I don't what I'm crapping about..I hope I don't slip anything...Letticia had to assist me walked to my front door...First time drunk,giddy,face red! Even Pastor Kevin,Keith,Andrew,everyone noticed! And all of them asking am I ok? Lol!

Me and Clarissa =)

Me and Jocelyn Lim! ^^

Another Jocelyn Lee... Xp

Me and Ding Ding =D

With the big brother,Shan Yong

The Dai Jie,Letticia... hehe

With Jasmine! She had a very sweet smile =D

Patricia,so called Lett's sis...

The BRIDEGROOM and also my brother in CHRIST! Ian How!

Me and cool Jeremy!

Elaine Tan Jr and me,kinda blur..

Me and Elaine JR

My beloved kai jie jie...

My jie again...She so pretty that day..

Me and Joy Joy ^^

My beloved pet daughter!

My cell group leader,Dini! =)

Me and Elaine..OMG..I'm so drunk

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Clarissa said...

remember to drink the red wine s-l-o-w-l-y when u drink it next time.