Friday, December 26, 2008

Outing with my pet sis,Huey Ching and House Party!! (1 day before NS)

This few days is really a sleepless nights,I went out with many friends everyday,spending time with them before NS..Went to my church service production " Christmas@Changs".. The production is simply awesome and creative,its amazing they can spontaneously came out a joke on the spot! I took pic and gave presents to all my friends in Church...My brother came back yesterday! My family and I took dinner at USJ 9 Vietnamese restoran..After dinner,I spent time with my brother,we chatted in Starbucks and Macdonalds,I think I talked a lot,I shared many things,secrets XD with him..

Me and Clarissa take 1 =)

Me and Clarissa take 2 =D

Today went out with my kai Jie,Huey Ching...Hehehe..! We had lots of fun..First,we watched the latest movie " Yes Man"..Wow,I can tell you,its hilarous and whacky,my favourite actor,Jim Carrey..He can act very well,famous for comedy.. Lol! We just kept laughing throughout the whole cinema..After that,we went for a walk,chatting bout our life.Oh ya! She taught me lots of things and facts on the way to Pyramid,she drove me there..

We went shopping,try new stuffs..One of the interesting event is that we tried on some funky and cool sunglasses..So cool! We took a lot of photos over there and during the outing..We wore on the sunglasses and walked around Pyramid,feels so cool man! Hahaha! I hope NS will be delay for 1 week..

That night party,miss you guys so much,hug each and everyone of them..goin NS!

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