Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where are you?Why?I wanna know...

As you see,this post is kinda EMO...Haizzzz... This is the another poem of mine for the SOMEONE...If the SOMEONE see this,hope she will knows it... My msg for her...

Chances That Flies From Me to You
I've been waiting this moment
To see you face to face
Spending time interacting with you
To grab and acknowledge your life and everything
Under the deep blue sea
But somehow Chances flies
Something pulls me away from you
A gap and an untieable knot
Is difficult to spend time and talk to you
It seems that you are busy and no time to talk
And always take a leave earlier from our group
Remember the question I asked you before?
I'm still waiting and hoping for the best
I really put my trust on you
It is your kind heart and your animated character
That makes my world brighter
After your long trip
I presume you forgotten the question I asked before
I just need a "Yes" or "No" answer thats all
I wanna let you know
I'm still waiting until the time ends
And when it ends it will just be a pretense
Haizzzz...Kinda emo..Anyway,excited cuz this Thursday going out with my BEST"EST" FRIEND of all! Ding Yee Sing! This Friday I will be attending Ian's wedding ceremony and dinner! Hahahah!! My cell group leader is engaging! =D