Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!! I'm back for a while till 1st of February!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!Happy Niu(Ox) Year! I'm back from National Service/PLKN.Well,just for a week..We had a week off,for us chinese,as for others,only up till 28th of January,I'm off till 1st of February..Well,what can I say?National Service rocks!! Not as horrible as what I said last year..Heheehe...Met lots of funny friends,different people,they are good people,some are just playful,not all are bad..They took good care of me,many interesting things happening in the camp,events...

I felt stronger as before eversince joined this camp...We have to wake up every morning at 5.30am and gather downstairs at the assembly at 6.30am,late comers have to run the perimeter 3 rounds,1 person fails,whole team will have to follow the same consequences...Team spirit ma..In the camp I met: Su Ling,Grace Koh,Bonnie,Cleo there!!Hahaha!! And made some new friends:Shao Kang,Soon Wea,Hoong Shi,Henry,Mahesan,Jason,Brian,and lots more more friends!

My life there filled with laughter! LOL! Its fun in the dorm,in NS,there's also time for LOVE,ROMANCE,boys are separated with girls,we are not allow to entered their territory in the canteen,and talking to them seems so difficult,but we are smart enough and manage to have a conversation with the opposite sex!Oh! I met people that has the same interest and passion as I do! Anime fans! People that can sing regardless of the language:Japanese,Korean,Chinese,English,Malay!Just filled with Melody...

Sports people!Atheletics!Long runners!Wow! Learning new things,exchanging ideas with people..Marching was fun,I felt the team spirit,my team known as BRAVO,SEMANGAT! Our team was the best,creative,lots of funny stuff was created by us,gestures ah,pose ah..Also known as troublemakers too..Every Saturday they will return our phone at 4.30pm,one week once is like 1 year,I than realized time is precious...So made as many call and smses as possible..

Took some photos...Not a lot,some of the photos are with Brian,Su Ling and Cleo!Will get from them and post it here again...

OMG!Thats me! With my cell phone! Xp

Thats Henry,going to have a gf soon!

Thats Shao Kang,a.k.a SK 2,haha!Intelligent fela.. =)

Thats my kai dai! Little brother,funny fela,I crap a lot with him!

Nice Scenery!

Mahesan,I called him Mama,and John!(Me nothing to do!)

On top:Me and Mahesan,bottom:Grace,Su Ling and Yen Mei

Well,there's more I can tell bout NS,but I'm sick,hahah!! 3 days before going back from NS,I had a sorethroat,kinda lost my voice..Will update soon!

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