Wednesday, March 25, 2009

College Life!This is just the beginning... =)

As I said before,after PLKN,National Service,is a new life!! Well,college life is not bad after all,I'm taking Taylor's Business Foundation,in short form TBF...Normally students who took business course will learn and train in TBS,another short form of Taylor's Business School..Well,on 23rd of March,I went to Taylor's University College Main Campus for orientation,merely just sit and listen to the lecturers giving speeches,briefing. Currently there is no lessons yet,introduction of staffs and tour around the campus..We were divided into groups of 10,I get to know some new friends...My group,I can say they are decent and polite...Just need to communicate more,exchanged some of their phone numbers..Ate together for lunch,slowly,we can get along well..

On the second day,which is on the 24th of March,we began our Business Mathematics and Accounting lessons,small introduction,it was quite interesting although we are so tired..Everyone seems so stress after looking at the time table and grouping list..We have classes everyday start from next week,and we will attend classes according to our group,I'm group B,1.3...Hahaha!This is getting exciting..We had english test,the paper consists of 100 question and needed to finish in 45 minutes..I got to finished it on time..

After that,we played a treasure hunt game around Taylor's main campus,business school and ADP building..We ran up and down just to search for papers and attach it to our given task question paper...Taking the lift,stairs,phew!Our legs worn out...By the way,I met 1 friend also came back from National Service,he praise me have a great amount of stamina,haha!Cuz in NS,in the morning,we train to run a track of 1km..

Sigh...We still have to go through Malaysian Studies,Moral..And those who failed to get a credit for Bahasa Melayu in their SPM will be taking special classes in the evening,thank God I had a B3 in SPM,haha!And we still have English College Studies,speaking of English,I missed teacher Ann!My Ace Edventure tuition teacher,seriously,she's my heroine!! Will visit you teacher,must buy presents,souvenir for her..Appreciation...

Oh these are my long long photos before going to NS,just got it from 1 of my friend..

Me and Kei Kei =)

My kai lui,Jasrynn...

Tai Kou,Ben Santana..

Me and my juniors,Jian Ming and Jocelyn

Me and my heng dai,Wei Xiang!

This are my National Service buddies...Missed them so much!

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