Thursday, April 30, 2009

" Heart attack "

This few days my heart troubles by our maths assignment,so stress that I kept thinking everyday..Ah Liao and Ting Soong my team mates headache of the questions..We squeezed our mind just to figure out the solution and we had problems with excel solver...Thank God man! All praises to God,I managed to solved everything..Haizzz..Sien.. cuz.........

Next week is MID EXAM!!

I'm not sure whether I'm ready or not but every tips my Economics lecturer gave is in my personal notes..It will be a shame if I didn't perform well in my mid exam with my notes given..Its like a treasure to me..Better do well..! Besides,because of my mid exam,my dad excuse me from attending my cousin's wedding ceremony on Sunday..

Oh,ever since I passed my driving test,my dad would take me to industrial area and on the road to drive..Teaching me how to apply the technique such as 3 point turn,parking and how to cross the street when dealing with the roundabout,U turn and so on..Sien..Zzz...Hahaha!! Parking to me at first was quite difficult,I think because I haven't get use to the stereng..My dad said this " You MUST become ONE with the car,the car is LIKE YOUR BODY" ahhaaha! Make me thought of the movie STAR WARS..

Now I kinda mastered my parking,the front park,side park,reverse park..My dad seems to get more and more secure when I drive.. That day,I drove my mum back,I kept laughing,cuz she kept complaining..As if I cannot see what's ahead of me..Of course I'm careful and aware in front of me..

So now study study study,assignments assignments assignments.... =="

Thursday, April 23, 2009

DOTA or GF? ( From Leonard's blog )

DOTA vs GF.. Enjoy~~

DOTA, it's one and only in the world,
GF, there's a lot.GF will leave you,
DOTA will never leave you.
GF gets mad when you play dota,
DOTA doesn't get mad when you have gf.
DOTA has a cheap price,
GF wants a high price.
when you get to see other hero, DOTA doesn't get mad,
when you get to see other girls, GF gets mad.
GF, when you leave her, it's hard to come back,
DOTA, when you leave, it's still be there when you come back.

what do you want, DOTA or GF?
think now...

GF: "why, can DOTA do romantic things to you?"
DOTA: "Why, can GF give triple enjoyment when you do TRIPLE KILL?"
GF: "Why, can DOTA make you complete as a man?"
DOTA: "Why, can Gf make a man GODLIKE?"

But they have 1 thing in common,
it is when they are always there when you have a problem.
When you lose in DOTA, who can make you happy, GF right?
When you have a problem with your GF, who can make you happy, DOTA right?

hehe~~hope u enjoy..~~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Passed my driving test!

Finally,I've been waited for this moment..Ever since I completed my form 4 end of November,I suppose to take undang but than two months of holidays,I'm so busy that I forgotten to take my driving test..And so wasted,form 5 I'm busy with SPM,no time for driving...I took undang on November..Unfortunately,I'm away from home for 3 months for National Service. After came back,I quickly applied for lessons..All together 8 hours or more...

I sitted and waited for so long like a " sor zai" just to take the test...Totally bored! I passed the first test which is on the hill,parking and 3 point turn,what a relieved! Then,on the road, that bloody examiner mouth full of rubbish,kept scolding,I bet he has no mother,speak such language...What the! I wanna slap his face,don't care whether he JPJ,or prime minister...Of all things he must touched family matters..Anyway,I need to be kind to him just to pass..No choice..Screw him!!

And I'm officially in the dance ministry of City Harvest..Yesterday from 8pm till 10.30pm,we first play animals game...It was quite fun,the warm up which I think was 45 minutes,consists of stretching,training ur muscles..I learned quite a lot of Adam,to train parts of my body,thats why great dancers they can dance attractively is because of they can concentrate on moving parts of their bodies..Than,we trained our stamina and strength,just kept sweating,our abs and legs kinda aching..But it feels good,cuz we are growing..

Then,we break up to groups,3 groups,cuz on the month of August,we have this so called ED, Exam Dance,O' School from City Harvest will come and examine us...Dance 5 to 10 minutes.that is going to be so tired and a lot of hardwork...My group leader is Cheryl..We planned who to be transporter,admin,choreographer,song editor...This is going to be interesting,better start brushing up my break dance skills..Its been so long since NS didn't train..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Assignments! Brain storming!

Well,this is my fourth week in College,so far so good. My accounting lecturer,Miss Tham gave us 3 assignments to be submitted the next 3 weeks. I spent a lot of time on the first assignments.. Asking question from Miss Tham about Havard Referencing..Phew! Borrowed references book from the library..It feels good to be busy sometimes,haha! This is what college life meant to be,busy! Assignments and assessments! LOL! Finally I'm done finalizing the first assignment that is to be submitted tommorrow..

I really enjoyed English class by our lecturer, Miss Chen, we had lots of fun crapping, joking...Hahaha! Here, I get to speak out my opinion, again thanks to Teacher Ann! It really helps! Wanna visit her and give her a card and gift for Teacher's day.. Wonder how is she doing in Ace-Edventure? Business Mathematics kinda different from secondary school Add Maths and Modern Math,but thank God we are able to get through it..All the formulas,etc...

Oh ya! By the way! This friday,saturday and sunday will be having EASTER PRODUCTION : IMING in City Harvest Church! So excited! Looking forward to this production..Gonna serve for choir on friday and saturday..

In college,definetely get to know a lot of new friends,they introduced me new food in new stores! For English College Studies,we need to do this project called " Creative Business Ideas". Consist of four people in a group. I named our company "Victory Unity" ahaha!! We need to spend some time researching,finding information..The last meeting we had was on Monday few days back in noodle station. By the way,the noodles there taste delicious! Ah Liao and Chi Hao brought their lap tops there..Ah Liao not bad,his O2jam skill unbelievable..He bought a keyboard just for O2jam..Lol! Funny fela!

This is a flyer Easter Production I-Ming from City Harvest Church..

April 10,Fri 8pm

April 11,Sat 5.30pm and 7.45pm

April 12 Sun 9pm and 11.15pm

See you there!! =)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

2 Weeks in Taylor's University College...

Well,to me going college is like going to tuition,you can dress whatever you want,you can keep your hair long as long as you like it..My account teacher,Miss Tham,She's like Teacher Ann..She kept asking question,asking from different perspective and more deeply into the subject,teacher Ann was right in the beginning,we really need to think broadly,challenging our mind,so I can say is brainstorming!! Our insight for this subject grows stronger..Oh by the way,there is once Miss Tham was asking about business entity during lecture..She told us who can answer this question will be rewarded a pizza...

At first,I looked the people around me,only me and 1 girl raise our hands,well,the girl answered halfly correct...Ah Liao kept encouraging me to raise my hand,and I did..She asked me the question,I did answer,but she asked deeper,and thank God I manage to answer and is correct! So she asked me to claim the pizza from her...

And you know what,from that day onwards,during tutorial class,she kept pointing me taking me as example,I think she knows my name already...Everyone just kept calling me Andy Lau,asking me when am I gonna marry?Lol! Andy Lau is engaging this month...Anyway,I love english class too,college completely different from school,we participate more in class...This is what the education system should be..Enjoyed a lot!

Economics class,we laughed a lot! Our lecturer Mr Ang Wen Loong kept tickling our belly with lame,whacky jokes..LOL! But in the same time,we learnt easily not just having fun..He is good! Now I'm stressed with my account assessment,the 6 concepts...Haizzz...Hopefully I can finish it this friday...

I think I'm getting use to the class now,know lots of new friends there,able to socialize easily with them,most of them are decent,just that some of them are playful only..