Thursday, April 9, 2009

Assignments! Brain storming!

Well,this is my fourth week in College,so far so good. My accounting lecturer,Miss Tham gave us 3 assignments to be submitted the next 3 weeks. I spent a lot of time on the first assignments.. Asking question from Miss Tham about Havard Referencing..Phew! Borrowed references book from the library..It feels good to be busy sometimes,haha! This is what college life meant to be,busy! Assignments and assessments! LOL! Finally I'm done finalizing the first assignment that is to be submitted tommorrow..

I really enjoyed English class by our lecturer, Miss Chen, we had lots of fun crapping, joking...Hahaha! Here, I get to speak out my opinion, again thanks to Teacher Ann! It really helps! Wanna visit her and give her a card and gift for Teacher's day.. Wonder how is she doing in Ace-Edventure? Business Mathematics kinda different from secondary school Add Maths and Modern Math,but thank God we are able to get through it..All the formulas,etc...

Oh ya! By the way! This friday,saturday and sunday will be having EASTER PRODUCTION : IMING in City Harvest Church! So excited! Looking forward to this production..Gonna serve for choir on friday and saturday..

In college,definetely get to know a lot of new friends,they introduced me new food in new stores! For English College Studies,we need to do this project called " Creative Business Ideas". Consist of four people in a group. I named our company "Victory Unity" ahaha!! We need to spend some time researching,finding information..The last meeting we had was on Monday few days back in noodle station. By the way,the noodles there taste delicious! Ah Liao and Chi Hao brought their lap tops there..Ah Liao not bad,his O2jam skill unbelievable..He bought a keyboard just for O2jam..Lol! Funny fela!

This is a flyer Easter Production I-Ming from City Harvest Church..

April 10,Fri 8pm

April 11,Sat 5.30pm and 7.45pm

April 12 Sun 9pm and 11.15pm

See you there!! =)

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