Thursday, April 23, 2009

DOTA or GF? ( From Leonard's blog )

DOTA vs GF.. Enjoy~~

DOTA, it's one and only in the world,
GF, there's a lot.GF will leave you,
DOTA will never leave you.
GF gets mad when you play dota,
DOTA doesn't get mad when you have gf.
DOTA has a cheap price,
GF wants a high price.
when you get to see other hero, DOTA doesn't get mad,
when you get to see other girls, GF gets mad.
GF, when you leave her, it's hard to come back,
DOTA, when you leave, it's still be there when you come back.

what do you want, DOTA or GF?
think now...

GF: "why, can DOTA do romantic things to you?"
DOTA: "Why, can GF give triple enjoyment when you do TRIPLE KILL?"
GF: "Why, can DOTA make you complete as a man?"
DOTA: "Why, can Gf make a man GODLIKE?"

But they have 1 thing in common,
it is when they are always there when you have a problem.
When you lose in DOTA, who can make you happy, GF right?
When you have a problem with your GF, who can make you happy, DOTA right?

hehe~~hope u enjoy..~~

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