Thursday, April 30, 2009

" Heart attack "

This few days my heart troubles by our maths assignment,so stress that I kept thinking everyday..Ah Liao and Ting Soong my team mates headache of the questions..We squeezed our mind just to figure out the solution and we had problems with excel solver...Thank God man! All praises to God,I managed to solved everything..Haizzz..Sien.. cuz.........

Next week is MID EXAM!!

I'm not sure whether I'm ready or not but every tips my Economics lecturer gave is in my personal notes..It will be a shame if I didn't perform well in my mid exam with my notes given..Its like a treasure to me..Better do well..! Besides,because of my mid exam,my dad excuse me from attending my cousin's wedding ceremony on Sunday..

Oh,ever since I passed my driving test,my dad would take me to industrial area and on the road to drive..Teaching me how to apply the technique such as 3 point turn,parking and how to cross the street when dealing with the roundabout,U turn and so on..Sien..Zzz...Hahaha!! Parking to me at first was quite difficult,I think because I haven't get use to the stereng..My dad said this " You MUST become ONE with the car,the car is LIKE YOUR BODY" ahhaaha! Make me thought of the movie STAR WARS..

Now I kinda mastered my parking,the front park,side park,reverse park..My dad seems to get more and more secure when I drive.. That day,I drove my mum back,I kept laughing,cuz she kept complaining..As if I cannot see what's ahead of me..Of course I'm careful and aware in front of me..

So now study study study,assignments assignments assignments.... =="

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