Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Passed my driving test!

Finally,I've been waited for this moment..Ever since I completed my form 4 end of November,I suppose to take undang but than two months of holidays,I'm so busy that I forgotten to take my driving test..And so wasted,form 5 I'm busy with SPM,no time for driving...I took undang on November..Unfortunately,I'm away from home for 3 months for National Service. After came back,I quickly applied for lessons..All together 8 hours or more...

I sitted and waited for so long like a " sor zai" just to take the test...Totally bored! I passed the first test which is on the hill,parking and 3 point turn,what a relieved! Then,on the road, that bloody examiner mouth full of rubbish,kept scolding,I bet he has no mother,speak such language...What the! I wanna slap his face,don't care whether he JPJ,or prime minister...Of all things he must touched family matters..Anyway,I need to be kind to him just to pass..No choice..Screw him!!

And I'm officially in the dance ministry of City Harvest..Yesterday from 8pm till 10.30pm,we first play animals game...It was quite fun,the warm up which I think was 45 minutes,consists of stretching,training ur muscles..I learned quite a lot of Adam,to train parts of my body,thats why great dancers they can dance attractively is because of they can concentrate on moving parts of their bodies..Than,we trained our stamina and strength,just kept sweating,our abs and legs kinda aching..But it feels good,cuz we are growing..

Then,we break up to groups,3 groups,cuz on the month of August,we have this so called ED, Exam Dance,O' School from City Harvest will come and examine us...Dance 5 to 10 minutes.that is going to be so tired and a lot of hardwork...My group leader is Cheryl..We planned who to be transporter,admin,choreographer,song editor...This is going to be interesting,better start brushing up my break dance skills..Its been so long since NS didn't train..

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