Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too Good To be True...

On Sunday, my cell group and I, Joy,Ethan,Jasrynn and Andrew went outing in pyramid.. Our activity is ice skating!! Hahaha!! Finally! By the way, my car is back!! Last week a truck bang on my car on the way back after supper cell group..Haizzz...!

That day really really troublesome,my dad have to come all the way from home to negotiate with the truck owner,my beloved cell group members also helped me too! My mum,haha!! Also came!Lol!! Anyway,my car is back! So free can drive anyway I want, no need to trouble my mum..

Oh ya,the ice skating rink was so cold,but instead Joy and Jasrynn sweat..Hahaha!! It was suppose to be cold,they are first timer,nervous I think. Me,Shan Yong and Andrew skate so fast and when we left them,they were so afraid. Jasrynn took a lot of time to balance,Joy learnt quite fast to skate.Hahaa!! We must hold their hands,they have to grab our shirt,hug us when they are falling. Well, at least they break through!!

Anyway,Pastor Kong's preaching about relationship just so nice,it was a blast and it really lively and make sense! I got the points from Elaine Tan's blog!

#1 Affection
#2 Conversation
#3 Honesty & Openness
#4 Financial Support
#5 Family Commitment

Wow,you women's and ladies out there! So emotional! XD, I mean is a good thing ahaha!!

#1 Sexual Fulfillment
#2 Recreational Companionship
#3 Attractive Spouse
#4 Domestic Support
#5 Admiration

Yea man! We want respect! Hahaha!! Xp I can say Amen to all these!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lots of Assignments to do! Elaine Tan Tag me~

Walao wei, this week my time is super pack with assignments and assessments.. Got Accounting Group Assignment, my group: Ah Liyao, Ting Soong and I needed to interview a sole trader or what we call the proprietor. So we planning to ask my dad, which means today. In the same time, I want Ah Liyao to install DOTA for me, my computer seems doesn't support Warcraft, Dell wei! Windows Vista wei! Haizzz...Chong Li once helped me to install but I think Ah Liyao can do better,hahaa!! He pro ma...

Then somemore the English Assignment, I need to find 7 information and article about Shoes. So I google and google..! Economics, Ah Liyao said he can settle everything alone, but haizz don't wanna let him bear the burden alone. College is doing assignments and in the same time studying. So its busy, you really need to manage your time wisely. Otherwise you screw up!! Anyway, Miss Tham is teaching rapidly! Thank God we can catch up,cuz we study! ^^ And do a lot of exercise.

By the way this few days classes cancel and replace next week and earlier,so I can go back home early on Thursday and Friday...Nothing to talk much this few days, just busy only.

Anyway,Elaine Tan Tag me!

What is the 7 MUST HAVE’s in ur dreams guy/girl?
Cheerful, Caring, God-fearing,loving,hardworking,MATURE!And kind, I can hardly figure out what are the things I want from my dream girl..As long as it suits my taste.

Even if it is impossible, if u can wish for ONLY 7 things, what would it be?
Smarter,capable,rich,famous,superpowers! XD cool cars,I want a JAGUAR,I have another 1 million wishes,ahahaha!!

What’s ur shoe size?

What’s ur fav colour?

Are ur BEST friend mostly guys or girls?
Only 1 best friend,is a girl

What do u think is ur 7 weakness?
Hot-tempered,lazy,act cool unconsciously Xp,ignorant sometimes,not consistent in the things I do,making decisions quickly without considerating and spend a lot of money

What is your 7 Fav Restaurant?
Secret Recipe, Itallianese, TGI Fridays, Asia Cafe, Macdonalds Zzz, KFC, A&W

If u could, what colour would u paint the walls of the sanctuary of City Harvest Church?
I still stick to its original colour... ^^

To love or to be in love?
To love and to be love...

DO u belive in love at first sight?
Of course! Everyone experienced it before!

What is ur fav verse in the bible?
Phil 2:19 I can do all things through CHRIST Who strengthens me

If u had the chance, if would colour ur hair

May be? Left ear

What is ur most fav part if a wedding?
Hold the hands of the bride,then put on the ring and KISS!

What better? Honesty or Loyalty?

Dog or cat?
Dog of course,men best friend..

You are afraid of….
Not sure...

Honeymoon! U would go to….

How do u describe urself?
I don't really know,ask my friends!!

Are u thinking of someone?
Yes... hahaha!!

When is ur first crush?
Form 4

First relationship?
Form 3

First kiss?
Don't have la...Saving it for someone special.. ^^

Is there one person you want to be with right now?

What is love to u?
Love is unconditional,Love is to give,care,sacrifice...Many words can describe about love,but lazy la..I can write an essay about LOVE..

Do u think this tag asks alotta bout love?

DO u think this is a Marriage survey?
Nop!For fun ma...!

DO u belive in happily ever afters?
Of course! Otherwise everyone live with bad endings meh? =="

If u could go back to the past and change anything, what would u do?
I would wanna correct my past mistakes, but I stick stick to the present,look forward!!

Do u think this tag is long?


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parliament Trip~

On Monday,which is 10th of May 2009, my college which is Taylor's Business School organized an excursion exclusive for March Intake students to have a trip to the Parliament,near by Cheras.. That day,everyone wore formally,as for me,I wore a very attractive tie borrowed from my dad closet,it has many funny cartoons design on it,red in colour,most of friends approached me and laugh at my tie,all holding and looking at my tie..

It has the company name on it.. We took some photos but I didn't bring mine along,so I depend on other people's camera. The trip there take an hour or more to reach the destination. We slept all the way..Guessed because it was still early in the morning.

So many holes on it leh...I meant the building structure,don't know how they design the building..It was quite holy inside there,a lot of rules...Rules...Rules...Rules...Rules... Sien lo...!! Why wanna create so many rules..? All rubbish! Even staircase also holy wor...Siao..Don't know what are they thinking?People nowadays ah..Mind full of funny ideas..Only staircase can be used by the ruler of the country and some special ranking politicians..

Oh by the way,the tour guide explain to us in Malay throughout the journey..Hahaha!! I only listened partially to his explaination..We sat inside the hall,such as the Hall of Representative..Senate Hall...Quite cool there...There are names placed on top of the sit and also their status..Feel like a politicians..Ah Liyao told me,as a politician you can cross the road even the traffic light is on red and you won't be penalized for it..Walao wei!! So unfair! Corrupted rules!! And they earn a lot of money too..What is this man?

By the way,I scored quite well in my Mid Semester,my lecturer for English,Math and Accounts said I can scored higher because of my careless mistakes,biggest mistakes..Haizzz...!! Nevermind,finals is important!! Till than..!! Chiaozzz...!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


One of my best friend, Yee Sing is going to Kedah to further her studies... Haizzz... Time flies...
3 years...

This best friend of mine, or you can called "BESTIES" ,thats what she said... Hahaha!! We are so close until people cannot describe,even we ourselves cannot described it,we always said to each other " You are the best!!Number 1 best! etc.." She's always there for me,whenever I'm sad,she is always there to support me,encourage me,lighting up the fire in me that is going to extinguishing soon..

I think I shared my issues and personal problems and everything to her the most...Only her and God knows me very well..My parents,sister and even some of my friends said I'm so complicated and its difficult to acknowledge what's within me and they don't know what I'm thinking...Even me I sometimes don't know about myself..Until I met Ding Yee Sing,she totally change me,cuz I finally met someone that I can called "Best friend" .

We sms each other more than ever before day and night..Is like we are in each other lives..She can penetrate through my deepest secret and ocean heart..No one can go so deep into my heart,only her..Most of the time,we always talk to each other through the phone..Good times and bad times,we are always happy,no conflict,no arguement..Most of us heard other people said it is conflict and arguement that creates a long lasting friendship and make them become best friend. But me and Yee Sing is different,we have the BOND,we can connect to each other,somehow so special..It really depends,not necessary arguement between two individuals can become best friends..

Hahaha..! One thing we love to do is to hug each other,even in sms,we always send messages like HUGZ~ And we can feel the warmness even a thousand miles..I remembered she gave me a lot presents and gifts..Like the vest,formal clothes,wristband,a card,a funky shirt..Lol! And so on!! Not to forget,I gave her lots of presents too..Before I went for National Service,we went to hang out in pyramid,we ate in Itallianese,what a wonderful memories,than shopping here and there,trying on clothes,took a lot of photos,sad thing is that my camera lost! Our pictures gone,but thank God I had one photo saved in my phone,at least can be kept as our memory..

This girl ah is a crazy fan of Ayumi Hamasaki,TVXQ,Jaejoong! Lol! Funny girl..The usj 4 park gave me a lot of memories too,we just talk! And talk! And talk! Not to forget walking in the park too..No matter how busy we are,we will always spend time with each other..Hahaha! Well,there is so much to describe about her and my life..So many to tell..

I really take BEST FRIEND very seriously,not everyone can be called my best friend..So far,my whole life,there is only 2 best friend,that is Yee Sing and God.. There's a huge differences too when it comes to FRIEND,even I know someone but not everyone can be call my FRIEND,I take them as acquaintants.. Hahaha! I think that's why I'm being called someone that is complicated..

Anyway,here's my photo of me and her that kept in phone,luckily after losing my camera..Hope one day my camera will be found and return...Miracles do happen..Cuz most of the photos of me and her were kept in the camera...

Yee Sing, you make me believe in myself when no one else can tell,you made my world twice of the stars in the sky...Take care! Muacks! ^^

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is my first exam in college,located in MPSJ HALL near market in Asia Cafe,somewhere around there. Its goooooddddd!! Hahaha!! Quite relaxing lo the paper,but not sure whether I did correctly...Haizzz.. From Monday until Friday,and for each paper is only 1 hour leh! 1 day 1 paper! So is like 1 hour in 1 day.. My impression is the same like SPM..Well,you know,come early check the lists and remember the number of your sit,then enter the exam hall,wait for instruction,no handphones...The exam hall was quite big,reminds me of HARRY POTTER..Hahaha!! Sien oh...!

But this week is special,cuz Pastor Pat Mesiti is coming!! One of my favourite guest speaker,he can preach,he is also good in business strategies as well! He conducted business meetings before in KL,the cost of quite high cuz he is a successful man! Hahaha! His preaching is interesting you can sit there for hours laughing and listening to his jokes in the same time learn something from him..He is just so whacky and humorous..The first time I met him,I was thinking how on earth he could do that?! I think is a talent,part of nature...

Well,this is my picture of me dressing formally in Dr John Avanzini service:

My beloved cell group members,w28!