Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is my first exam in college,located in MPSJ HALL near market in Asia Cafe,somewhere around there. Its goooooddddd!! Hahaha!! Quite relaxing lo the paper,but not sure whether I did correctly...Haizzz.. From Monday until Friday,and for each paper is only 1 hour leh! 1 day 1 paper! So is like 1 hour in 1 day.. My impression is the same like SPM..Well,you know,come early check the lists and remember the number of your sit,then enter the exam hall,wait for instruction,no handphones...The exam hall was quite big,reminds me of HARRY POTTER..Hahaha!! Sien oh...!

But this week is special,cuz Pastor Pat Mesiti is coming!! One of my favourite guest speaker,he can preach,he is also good in business strategies as well! He conducted business meetings before in KL,the cost of quite high cuz he is a successful man! Hahaha! His preaching is interesting you can sit there for hours laughing and listening to his jokes in the same time learn something from him..He is just so whacky and humorous..The first time I met him,I was thinking how on earth he could do that?! I think is a talent,part of nature...

Well,this is my picture of me dressing formally in Dr John Avanzini service:

My beloved cell group members,w28!