Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parliament Trip~

On Monday,which is 10th of May 2009, my college which is Taylor's Business School organized an excursion exclusive for March Intake students to have a trip to the Parliament,near by Cheras.. That day,everyone wore formally,as for me,I wore a very attractive tie borrowed from my dad closet,it has many funny cartoons design on it,red in colour,most of friends approached me and laugh at my tie,all holding and looking at my tie..

It has the company name on it.. We took some photos but I didn't bring mine along,so I depend on other people's camera. The trip there take an hour or more to reach the destination. We slept all the way..Guessed because it was still early in the morning.

So many holes on it leh...I meant the building structure,don't know how they design the building..It was quite holy inside there,a lot of rules...Rules...Rules...Rules...Rules... Sien lo...!! Why wanna create so many rules..? All rubbish! Even staircase also holy wor...Siao..Don't know what are they thinking?People nowadays ah..Mind full of funny ideas..Only staircase can be used by the ruler of the country and some special ranking politicians..

Oh by the way,the tour guide explain to us in Malay throughout the journey..Hahaha!! I only listened partially to his explaination..We sat inside the hall,such as the Hall of Representative..Senate Hall...Quite cool there...There are names placed on top of the sit and also their status..Feel like a politicians..Ah Liyao told me,as a politician you can cross the road even the traffic light is on red and you won't be penalized for it..Walao wei!! So unfair! Corrupted rules!! And they earn a lot of money too..What is this man?

By the way,I scored quite well in my Mid Semester,my lecturer for English,Math and Accounts said I can scored higher because of my careless mistakes,biggest mistakes..Haizzz...!! Nevermind,finals is important!! Till than..!! Chiaozzz...!!

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