Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too Good To be True...

On Sunday, my cell group and I, Joy,Ethan,Jasrynn and Andrew went outing in pyramid.. Our activity is ice skating!! Hahaha!! Finally! By the way, my car is back!! Last week a truck bang on my car on the way back after supper cell group..Haizzz...!

That day really really troublesome,my dad have to come all the way from home to negotiate with the truck owner,my beloved cell group members also helped me too! My mum,haha!! Also came!Lol!! Anyway,my car is back! So free can drive anyway I want, no need to trouble my mum..

Oh ya,the ice skating rink was so cold,but instead Joy and Jasrynn sweat..Hahaha!! It was suppose to be cold,they are first timer,nervous I think. Me,Shan Yong and Andrew skate so fast and when we left them,they were so afraid. Jasrynn took a lot of time to balance,Joy learnt quite fast to skate.Hahaa!! We must hold their hands,they have to grab our shirt,hug us when they are falling. Well, at least they break through!!

Anyway,Pastor Kong's preaching about relationship just so nice,it was a blast and it really lively and make sense! I got the points from Elaine Tan's blog!

#1 Affection
#2 Conversation
#3 Honesty & Openness
#4 Financial Support
#5 Family Commitment

Wow,you women's and ladies out there! So emotional! XD, I mean is a good thing ahaha!!

#1 Sexual Fulfillment
#2 Recreational Companionship
#3 Attractive Spouse
#4 Domestic Support
#5 Admiration

Yea man! We want respect! Hahaha!! Xp I can say Amen to all these!

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Drew Reads said...

Glad you learned something. :)