Sunday, June 21, 2009

Computer break down~ =(

Haizzz... Actually my next post suppose to be the chinese poem, but then my computer attacked by virus,now is being reformated.. So I'm now using a lap top to update my blog.. So I'm unable to post my chinese poem because my lap top doesn't install any chinese writing programme.. Will post it sooner or later..Hahaha!! Last week was English Exhibition Week.. So we didn't have english the whole week..

I think group 1.3, which is my group =) as the most happening groups ever,we have the best audience to cheer for our own group member..I think I did quite well, I trying to be natural in front of the judges..Yea I did it!! Hahaha!! And I'm manage to handle their question well.. By the way, we took quite a lot of photos.. But all the photos we took is with someone's camera..So once I get it, will post it here..
Fortunately, I received some photos from Elaine Tan Jr's facebook, these photos is been a while,very long,which is the day before I went to National Service..

Julian,Elaine and me

Me,Joy and Jocelyn

Joy,Julian and me =)

Me and Kei Kei posting,for fun ^^

Hahaha!! Finally I got all those photos d...Haizz...After my computer is back I will post the poem... Update next time,chiaozz!!

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