Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finals coming soon!!! =(

Finals is coming soon!! Woo hoo!! Hahaha!! Kinda scare la, I saw my overall marks for Economics,Malaysian Studies, Out of 50 marks I score 33 and 34,phew...! Try my best to get Distinction! My business maths cham lo, not very good in my additional mathematics, I screw everything..Haizzzz...

This week less class cuz lecturer gave us time to study.. I wanted to attend Accounting extra class on Wednesday, but I had high fever and my mind just cannot concentrate,I slept the whole afternoon..See the doctor, luckily not that serious as H1N1..Haizzz.. Dengue! Whole body aching,serious headache,sore throat walao!! Beh tahan!! Thank God I'm better now..Gotta sit for my exam leh..

Questions and Questions and Questions!!

Tagged by Wan Chien!

1)My name: Look Yee Qi (Andy)
2)My Birthday: 22/01/1991
3)Who tagged you: Wan Chien,ex school mate
4)Name 5 best friend: Only 1!! Ding Yee Sing...
5)What do you wish for your birthday: Secret~
6)Happy things that happen recently: Compliment from someone!!
7)Most stressed about recently: My finals!
8)What is your dream about your future: To be a successful businessman with MBA certificate
9)Do you have someone you like: Yes
10)Will you visit your ex-teacher in a classmate gathering: Depends Xp
11)Most happy thing to hang out with:Church friends,Secondary school,Old friends
12)If two of your friends are having conflict: Settle with them
13)Where is preferably the place to go with your lover: Beach,Shopping malls
14)What to do in Christmas: Spend time with my loved ones
15)Who do you want to celebrate christmas with: Family,my best friend,Yee Sing,my lover,church friends and old friends
16)Bad habits on waking up early in the morning:Don't know what to do?Cuz everyone still sleeping
17)How many siblings do you have:2,1 elder brother and sister
18)Favourite song(Female): Uncountable~
19)Favourite song(Male):Zzz...So many
20)Favourite colour: White,Black,Blue
21)Flush before using the toilet: Depends~
22)Love me not?: As a friend,yes....
23)Affectionate to guys or girls: Girls...Guys cannot affectionate la..Sound so wrong
24)What do you want to shout out loudly: .......
25)Do you dare to go toilets alone in the middle of the night?: Of course,18 years old d la..
26)Will you take off your undies in while in the WC: Speechless~
27)Who's the bastard: No one~
28)What's the current affection: Confidential~Cannot review in public
29)Ugly when asleep: Sometimes yes...
30)What's the time now: 12.19am =="
31)Do you hate the person who tag you?: No,why should I?
32)Weight: 70kg
33)Weather today: Cloudy,Sunny,Rainy
34)Are you pregnant: == No!! I'm a boy!
35)What will you do when you win a lottery: See first lo..Building fund!! Offering!! Tithes!! hehee..
36)An activity that must be done while in Uni-life: ENJOY TO THE FULLEST!!

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