Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love can be so complicate,its fun yet hurt sometimes =)

This is a poem of mine, I composed it few days ago, that night I have nothing to do. Than, this love thing came to my mind, in the same time, the music plays, and I wanna express my feelings for the someone. Unfortunately, I'm alone in my room, no one to express to,so I wrote all my feelings in this poem paper...

Do You See What I See?
Do you know all this while I notice
When you are having a conversation with your friends
The way you talk
Your expression just filled with excitement
Your behaviour and personality
Just SO different from others I met before
When I'm chatting with you
For the first time in my life
I felt like a little kid
Liked a boy without any worries or sadness
Nor negative thoughts this world could ever had
Because of your pureness that made my day
I just feel so alive
But what amazed me the MOST
It softens my heart
So vulnerable that I'm blown away
I met you a few times
In the same restoran during supper thrice
From there, I began to notice you
Coincidently we were also in the same school and tuition
After graduation I thought I never gonna
See you again
But in the end we still met
This time I finally get to know you
How I wish to enter into your world
To acknowledge you
But time is short
What comes around,goes around
Even its just one day
We chat and get to know each other
I really thank God
I didn't ask for more
Do you see what I see?
I really hope this message transfer to the person who is reading this, you just gotta feel, I believed if you can feel it,you know it, its YOU!! ( Only to that particular person)
My next post, I gonna post another poem, and this time is in Mandarin!! ^^

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