Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Schedule totally pack!! Math quizzes!!Argghhh!!

First I wanna correct my mistake,Jeremiah suddenly reminded me,the new show that is coming up soon is Transformer, The Return Of The Fallen...Haizzz...Not Avenger..Hahaha!! Aiyo yesterday Math Quiz was kinda confusing..It looks easy but when I do,its kinda difficult,lack of practice gua..Struggling man..Ah Liyao is the first one to leave the hall,he did the fastest,wondering whether he cin cai do anot..Haizz..The others left earlier before me..Outside the hall,I was discussing with my course mates..Their answer somehow all different..

Haizzz..College Life..Must gambatte d! Concentrated too much on Accounting and Economics,neglected Business Mathematics..Haiyo! Not only that,yesterday Miss Tham gave us some question of Adjustment in Accounting..She gave us 1 trial balance and few question of adjustment..Well,not what I expected,its kinda mind challenging and required lots of understanding..I started to realized every subject is getting tougher and tougher..

Besides this,I'm also busy on my dance class..We need to present our dance in front of O' school from Singapore on July..So,currently we only have 1 more month or less. Can see that Cheryl put in a lot of effort to figure out some choreograph moves..We practice and practice,repeated the same steps over and over again..Well,everyone somehow did differently,its difficult to perform a nice coordination.

With members absent,is even tougher,cuz we need to start from the scratch again..Other dance groups is doing well. Now we need to cut down our dance music to 3 minutes AT LEAST!! Last time was 6 minutes or more..What a relief,and yesterday suppose to be a preview dance for Esther!!

This week have to hang in our Accounting assignments too..Busy and headache..Life is so hectic..Nevermind! Breakthrough!! Holidays is on the way after my finals..

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