Wednesday, June 3, 2009

W-11 Movie Marathon! Reunion with Wei Xiang..

Last Saturday, I joined W-11 for movie marathon, we decided to watch "Night In The Museum 2" in the morning and " Terminator Salvation" in the afternoon after lunch. We at first gathered in Elaine Tan's Jr house. I fetched Stephanie,Sharon to Elaine's house. Than,my gang arrived! We went dim sum at usj 21 for breakfast!! I sat with the high school students,I'm still considered as high school student,haha!! Pre-U ma...Not university yet,but college lo...

This is the photo took in usj 21 dim sum restoran..

A lot of new friends and my members were there..I think approximately 30 over people.. We eat and eat..My table a bit quiet,Ian's table side so happening and quite noisy.Mine I think mostly new to each other,very shy shy..Hahaha!! Me too! That time,I was the 'Tai Lou'' there..I'm suppose to take care and entertain them,but somehow cannot,they are just so shy! Haizzz...Malaysia INFLUENZA..So, everyone just talk to someone they know..

Anyway,we went to pyramid afterwards,we waited quite long,Wei Xiang came and joined us...We watched the movie,quite nice,funnier than before,I mean their pronounciation, their action very 'the funny' haha!! Later Wei Xiang not joining for second movie,he went with Mun Hin. I accompany him for a while than joined my gang back for lunch,haizzz...!!

Terminator Salvation,what can I say?Noisy!Filled with blast sounds,the effect just so amazing. It can be a nice film if you can understand the whole story..Their machines or robots sound effect is similar as the film Transformer. By the way,a new movie for Transformer is coming out, called Transformer,the return of the Avenger,sounds interesting,must watch! Watch!

I fetched my members to church later on,but 1 silly thing happened,I forgotten where I park my car,we went 2 floors just to find my car,kinda "paiseh" leh! I joined Wei Xiang and Mun Hin yum cha in Old Town Coffee in pyramid. Eva joined in later,quite fun,we played some games like the black magic.Wei Xiang in return gave us back some "present" by confusing us with his trick games,is about numbers,is a SECRET!! Cannot tell lor..But I will use this trick to trick my friends...

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Jeremiah said...

hahahaha.....u're not the only pre-u/college/university student there. angel, leo's friend is also a college student.

ei,Transformer,the return of the Avenger meh? not transformers: revenge of the fallen ar? is that the cartoon 1? or isit the 3rd movie?