Saturday, July 25, 2009

Outing with Yee Sing! Great day! ^^

Today is a wonderful day to go out with my ULTIMATE BESTIE, Yee Sing!! Finally after for so long,we finally get to meet each other..In the morning,I woke up at 10am,took a shower went to USJ 4 to fetch Yee Sing.. Its been so long since I met her in the coffee shop at Apollo USJ 4,she became prettier.. ^^ Anyway,her mum blessed me with a container of chocolates!! We both wore sunglasses in the car as we are on the way to Pyramid..

Once we reached Pyramid,we booked the tickets to watch Transformer 2..Later on,we walked around looking at different shops..Went in Bowling centre,sat down and chat for a while,telling all the stories we have,I told her all my secrets! Xp About my love life,my college life,OUR life!! We went Secret Recipe to eat,Marble cheese cake..Mixed fruit juice was nice too..Hahaha!! I'm quite typical,never try new food and drinks...

Anyway,after eating we hang out around the shops again..Walked in Asian Avenue,looking for some cool clothing and dress..I think we walked through the whole Pyramid twice..Than, we went to PDI,we have a look at some clothes..Its cheap,50% and 70% discount...Yee Sing tried on some dress and OMG she looks fantastic with it,like angel.. Xp

And yea,we get hungry so fast,Secret Recipe was our appetizer..We went to Macdonalds and ate some food..That will be our lunch meal! We met some friends there and greet them..At last,we sat down,drink,eat and CHAT!! Just so happy chatting with her,both of us admitted that we are being who we are when hanging out together..Missed the old times,we chat on the phone whole day long,smsing..

We walked through the Arcade and than went in to watch our movie..Watching movie is our last activity..Haizzz..Time passed so fast..After movie,we took a few pictures, take away some food and fetched her home..Once I reached her house,gave her a nice WARMTH HUG then goodbye..So miss her..This week I'm happy because I anticipate to go out with her..These are the photos we took...

She took a photo of me when I was driving.. =)
Yeesing took me again in Secret Recipe...
This is Yeesing,she's playing with my phone.. XD
Me and Yeesing! =)

Cute little pose with my phone~ ^^
Pretty little Yeesing with her white dress,she suppose to take solo,but I ruin it Xp
Me and Yee Sing in White ^^
Our final photo before going back home...

What a day! Always happy going out with her..Will update my blog next time! =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Semester 2~ Solar Eclipse

Started my semester 2 this week...Briefing what is gonna happen for this semester..The first day,we greet each other,2 weeks of holiday is like a thousand days not met..But first day is quite boring..Business Computing, a lot of people went out after the first break..I stayed back and thank God I did that because teacher take attendance..Anyway,is quite simple for first week..But this semester not many people,I think some have to repeat the first semester,its quite scary though..Hope I do well in semester 2..

By the way, first week of semester have to write an essay d! Its during English for College Studies 2 class!! Haizzz.. Miss Chen once again challenge us for HD..Lol!! She's animated, different from secondary school teacher..She can walk around and kept talking non-stop.. And she's excited of what she is teaching,this is why I'm grateful to be her student,learning in a studious and fun environment..I saw the format,work scheme...Different..Like what she said..Semester 1 is a honey moon season..Now,we have to work extremely hard to earn better results..

Haizzz..Life..Is making the right choice..I was wondering whether am I wasting my time on that SOMEONE..I gambled everything on her..What if I make the wrong decision to risk? And in the end of the day,I made the wrong choice,I found out I'm just wasting my time..But somehow,I cannot resist it..I still bet on that SOMEONE... Somebody helped me!!

Anyway,I woke up early in the morning just to enjoy the view of ECLIPSE...Even though I know that in Malaysia,Eclipse is not fully shown..But is quite outside..Seems like is cloudy..But television news display some pictures of Eclipse in Indonesia and China..Once in 500 years..And this is the longest,6 minutes..Some superstitious people thought is a sign,OMEN,end of the world,inauspicious and whatsoever..

Tourist came all the way just to have a view on Eclipse...
Like a moonblade...

Ok,thats the end of my blog..Will update next time,chiaozzz!! =)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

1 last week~ Entering Semester 2 soon...

2 weeks of holiday kinda boring, I felt I can do more in the holidays..Haizzz...By the way, I went to Shah Alam for Bon Odori 33rd event..Japanese event...A lot of japanese people there wearing traditional outfits..Well,some of them are so fair so pretty so yeng...Well,what can I say? Japanese people have the quality because they have the determination in heart...

I went to USJ 14 court 9 apartment to fetch Wei Xiang and Mun Hin..Mun Hin shifted to court 9 apartment,previously was court 1..Anyway,actually Guat Yee suppose to come with us,but then haizzz..She have tuition to go tommorow and cannot come back home that late..Only the 3 of us,3 guys,no girls! Haizzz..Wei Xiang lead me the way to the place..When we arrived,there are so many people! So crowded! We went around look at some cool cool products,bought some food to eat..

Everyone will get a free japanese fan..Its smart of them to figured out because its freaking hot there! We fan and talked,talked about crap things,telling stories about our life..Joke around..Hahaha!! After that we bought dinner and sat at one spot,quite nice! SALMON! One of my favourite!The event soon start with traditional dance..At first the spectators were watching,but then they danced along,haha!! Me and Wei Xiang enjoyed dancing around with the crowd..Mun Hin haha!! He ah don't really like to do this kind of activity..So he watched and yet he can say is fun..For me at least I participate rather than watching..

After the guest performance,we went to Lick Hung for a while...Ahhhh!! Missed that place so much,we played the song少年 as we were walking around Lick Hung in ss19,talking bout the past and telling stories,recalling all those sweet memories back in primary school..So emotional and sentimental!! Missed this school a lot..Wondering how is my teachers there..We went to Station 1 in ss15 later,we ate supper,played games and chat..Station have instruments for you to play and sing to entertain the customers..Anyway, this time we talk about our love lives..Mun Hin finally like someone in his school! Its funny when we hear his story.For Wei Xiang he refuse to tell us..As for me,I told a lot too.. =)

Semester 2 is starting..Challenges is on the way.. =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Me and my little world~

Today me and my kai jie, Huey Ching went to the curve..Throughout the journey,she taught me the way,all the directions to all places like 1U,Midvalley,KL area..So I would not get lost next time..Once we reached The Curve,I parked my car in IKEA...The place is so huge,can be compare with sunway pyramid,IKANO is lik wow!! So many products and fancy items selling..I've been too long in USJ area..Never get to see what is interesting outside within USJ..

Huey Ching showed me many interesting shops with wonderful stuff..Hahaha!! We went to IKEA food court and ate..The food there was simply delicious,irresistable!! Then,we chat and chat non-stop talking about our lives..Hahaha!! She had a boyfriend d!! Lol..So proud of her,I also shared some of my love stories to her..Telling some funny stories and experience liking someone else..A lot of advices from her about LOVE issues..

Later,we took some photos,The Curve is so big,the restoran juz awesome! Well,high class restoran as we are walking towards Cinema at the Curve..She said it is much beautiful during the night,the lights will create colour in shopping mall,making it look more romantic..Got fountain somemore leh!! Fantastic!! Hehehe...

Actually we didn't plan of what movie to watch,thank God she realized today Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince is showing today! Thank God is not full,we get to watch,interesting..Almost like the book..Harry Potter story is full of unexpectancy scenes if you read the book..Secrets to be unveil..After the movie,we hang out for a while,took some photos,I remembered she took me to this pet shop..Hahaha!! How I wish to buy some of them..Well,no money,don't think about it..

These are some of the photos we took during outing::
My food not really nice..Just cheap Xp

My jie took for me..The scenery is nice from here...

This is my jie's food,hers is the best and delicious...

Me and jie ^^

Huey Ching!

Me on the elevator =) Took while not noticing... Xp

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 MORE weeks of HOLIDAY~

Sad la...1 week passed so fast, Julian still have 1 more week of holiday,but I have 2 more weeks!! Hehehe...By the way,my cell group last week was held on Thursday..On Friday, me,Julian and Jocelyn visited Ian's cell group..It really reminds me bout all the sweet memories of W-11...W-11 rox!! Forever!! Hahaha!! Still as happening as before..Their cell group is so noisy when it comes to games,preaching of God's word, Praise and Worship...

Many people rised up and changed a lot! Like Jeremy Tan, he became a guitarist in Ian's cell group..By the way, Dini was the guest speaker on that day,she preached in an emotional way,I think everybody laughed..Hehe..Haizzz..Missed the old days..Anyway after cell group,we cooked our own Indo Mee!! Not prepared,but we cooked on the spot!! It was quite fun, know quite a lot of new friends there..

People liked Kai Boon,Jeremiah,Julian,Jeremy,Ian,we crapped a lot,cracked with jokes too..After eating,we played this game called "MAFIA".. This game is so exciting,guessing who is the assassin,nurse,spied..SAVE THE CITIZEN!! Hahhaa!! Killed a lot of innocent people leh..Including me...Sob..Cuz I talked a lot..After that, I kinda stayed back for a while in Elaine's Jr house,chatting with them..Slept for a while,around 2am,I went back..Phoo!! What a day..

Yesterday,well..After service,we went to this restoran near by KDU..In a restoran which have a variety of food,Chinese,Indian,Malay cuisine..Yummy! So full man!! After dinner, I permitted Shan Yong to drive my car..He always wanted to drive Mercedes Benz..I felt insecure,but I still chose to believe in him..Trusting in his driving skill..He enjoyed a lot driving my car back to church..

Haizzz...!! Time passed so fast..Hopefully this holiday will be fruitful!! LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3 weeks holiday!! =)

Woohoo!! At last, finals for semester 1 is over..Well,this is just the beginning..One thing good about college exams is that you can get out of the exam hall anytime you want. But do not purposely scrap your answer just for the sake of finishing the paper and get the hell out of there..Anyway, after my finals, I went out a lot man!! Sick man!! This is my first time going out 4 days in a roll..And I always back home late, latest by 1am..The next day slept through.. Zzz..

Friday,me and Young Wae went out,cuz on Monday he is going to college for orientation in Sunway College..That fella play too much until he complaints he cannot take college life... =="

On Saturday, I went out with my old buddies from secondary school, Guo Yao, Zhi Sheng,Julian and Peter(Guo Yao's little bro,excluded from our secondary school)..We yum cha in Macdonalds..I can still remember we first yum cha in Macdonalds was back when we are in Chinese New Year holiday from National Service..We just talk and talk and talk!! Time flew until my parents sms me,asking me what time am I back.. LOL!

Sunday,well..Went back to hometown,when I'm back,my gang and I which is the Saturday's gang..We went to SMK Seafield,they organized this carnival..Well, lots of people!! Flooded man!! I hardly can find any parking..Hahaha!! Saw some of my college mates,seniors there.. My FIRST LOVE was there too..I was like WOW! Hahaha!!

Actually, we decided to entered the so called "Haunted House".. Hmmmm...We didn't manage to go in,cuz we are running out of time,we have too many coupons we didn't even know how to spend..So we spent on food and drinks,the last RM4 coupons was lost because of me,Xp cuz I accidentally drop it into the drain,not on purpose!! Later,we went to Sunway Pyramid,hang out there...

Then we went Summit watch Transformers Revenge of the Fallen..You know why? Cuz Sunway Pyramid queue was so super long right way behind,me and Zhi Sheng patience have limits..Unfortunately,the cinema in Summit have some technical problem,delay for an hour,we cannot refund,so we waited..suppose to be 9.45pm,but it started late at 10.30pm..Went home around 1am..