Sunday, July 19, 2009

1 last week~ Entering Semester 2 soon...

2 weeks of holiday kinda boring, I felt I can do more in the holidays..Haizzz...By the way, I went to Shah Alam for Bon Odori 33rd event..Japanese event...A lot of japanese people there wearing traditional outfits..Well,some of them are so fair so pretty so yeng...Well,what can I say? Japanese people have the quality because they have the determination in heart...

I went to USJ 14 court 9 apartment to fetch Wei Xiang and Mun Hin..Mun Hin shifted to court 9 apartment,previously was court 1..Anyway,actually Guat Yee suppose to come with us,but then haizzz..She have tuition to go tommorow and cannot come back home that late..Only the 3 of us,3 guys,no girls! Haizzz..Wei Xiang lead me the way to the place..When we arrived,there are so many people! So crowded! We went around look at some cool cool products,bought some food to eat..

Everyone will get a free japanese fan..Its smart of them to figured out because its freaking hot there! We fan and talked,talked about crap things,telling stories about our life..Joke around..Hahaha!! After that we bought dinner and sat at one spot,quite nice! SALMON! One of my favourite!The event soon start with traditional dance..At first the spectators were watching,but then they danced along,haha!! Me and Wei Xiang enjoyed dancing around with the crowd..Mun Hin haha!! He ah don't really like to do this kind of activity..So he watched and yet he can say is fun..For me at least I participate rather than watching..

After the guest performance,we went to Lick Hung for a while...Ahhhh!! Missed that place so much,we played the song少年 as we were walking around Lick Hung in ss19,talking bout the past and telling stories,recalling all those sweet memories back in primary school..So emotional and sentimental!! Missed this school a lot..Wondering how is my teachers there..We went to Station 1 in ss15 later,we ate supper,played games and chat..Station have instruments for you to play and sing to entertain the customers..Anyway, this time we talk about our love lives..Mun Hin finally like someone in his school! Its funny when we hear his story.For Wei Xiang he refuse to tell us..As for me,I told a lot too.. =)

Semester 2 is starting..Challenges is on the way.. =)

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