Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 MORE weeks of HOLIDAY~

Sad la...1 week passed so fast, Julian still have 1 more week of holiday,but I have 2 more weeks!! Hehehe...By the way,my cell group last week was held on Thursday..On Friday, me,Julian and Jocelyn visited Ian's cell group..It really reminds me bout all the sweet memories of W-11...W-11 rox!! Forever!! Hahaha!! Still as happening as before..Their cell group is so noisy when it comes to games,preaching of God's word, Praise and Worship...

Many people rised up and changed a lot! Like Jeremy Tan, he became a guitarist in Ian's cell group..By the way, Dini was the guest speaker on that day,she preached in an emotional way,I think everybody laughed..Hehe..Haizzz..Missed the old days..Anyway after cell group,we cooked our own Indo Mee!! Not prepared,but we cooked on the spot!! It was quite fun, know quite a lot of new friends there..

People liked Kai Boon,Jeremiah,Julian,Jeremy,Ian,we crapped a lot,cracked with jokes too..After eating,we played this game called "MAFIA".. This game is so exciting,guessing who is the assassin,nurse,spied..SAVE THE CITIZEN!! Hahhaa!! Killed a lot of innocent people leh..Including me...Sob..Cuz I talked a lot..After that, I kinda stayed back for a while in Elaine's Jr house,chatting with them..Slept for a while,around 2am,I went back..Phoo!! What a day..

Yesterday,well..After service,we went to this restoran near by KDU..In a restoran which have a variety of food,Chinese,Indian,Malay cuisine..Yummy! So full man!! After dinner, I permitted Shan Yong to drive my car..He always wanted to drive Mercedes Benz..I felt insecure,but I still chose to believe in him..Trusting in his driving skill..He enjoyed a lot driving my car back to church..

Haizzz...!! Time passed so fast..Hopefully this holiday will be fruitful!! LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!

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