Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3 weeks holiday!! =)

Woohoo!! At last, finals for semester 1 is over..Well,this is just the beginning..One thing good about college exams is that you can get out of the exam hall anytime you want. But do not purposely scrap your answer just for the sake of finishing the paper and get the hell out of there..Anyway, after my finals, I went out a lot man!! Sick man!! This is my first time going out 4 days in a roll..And I always back home late, latest by 1am..The next day slept through.. Zzz..

Friday,me and Young Wae went out,cuz on Monday he is going to college for orientation in Sunway College..That fella play too much until he complaints he cannot take college life... =="

On Saturday, I went out with my old buddies from secondary school, Guo Yao, Zhi Sheng,Julian and Peter(Guo Yao's little bro,excluded from our secondary school)..We yum cha in Macdonalds..I can still remember we first yum cha in Macdonalds was back when we are in Chinese New Year holiday from National Service..We just talk and talk and talk!! Time flew until my parents sms me,asking me what time am I back.. LOL!

Sunday,well..Went back to hometown,when I'm back,my gang and I which is the Saturday's gang..We went to SMK Seafield,they organized this carnival..Well, lots of people!! Flooded man!! I hardly can find any parking..Hahaha!! Saw some of my college mates,seniors there.. My FIRST LOVE was there too..I was like WOW! Hahaha!!

Actually, we decided to entered the so called "Haunted House".. Hmmmm...We didn't manage to go in,cuz we are running out of time,we have too many coupons we didn't even know how to spend..So we spent on food and drinks,the last RM4 coupons was lost because of me,Xp cuz I accidentally drop it into the drain,not on purpose!! Later,we went to Sunway Pyramid,hang out there...

Then we went Summit watch Transformers Revenge of the Fallen..You know why? Cuz Sunway Pyramid queue was so super long right way behind,me and Zhi Sheng patience have limits..Unfortunately,the cinema in Summit have some technical problem,delay for an hour,we cannot refund,so we waited..suppose to be 9.45pm,but it started late at 10.30pm..Went home around 1am..

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