Thursday, July 16, 2009

Me and my little world~

Today me and my kai jie, Huey Ching went to the curve..Throughout the journey,she taught me the way,all the directions to all places like 1U,Midvalley,KL area..So I would not get lost next time..Once we reached The Curve,I parked my car in IKEA...The place is so huge,can be compare with sunway pyramid,IKANO is lik wow!! So many products and fancy items selling..I've been too long in USJ area..Never get to see what is interesting outside within USJ..

Huey Ching showed me many interesting shops with wonderful stuff..Hahaha!! We went to IKEA food court and ate..The food there was simply delicious,irresistable!! Then,we chat and chat non-stop talking about our lives..Hahaha!! She had a boyfriend d!! Lol..So proud of her,I also shared some of my love stories to her..Telling some funny stories and experience liking someone else..A lot of advices from her about LOVE issues..

Later,we took some photos,The Curve is so big,the restoran juz awesome! Well,high class restoran as we are walking towards Cinema at the Curve..She said it is much beautiful during the night,the lights will create colour in shopping mall,making it look more romantic..Got fountain somemore leh!! Fantastic!! Hehehe...

Actually we didn't plan of what movie to watch,thank God she realized today Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince is showing today! Thank God is not full,we get to watch,interesting..Almost like the book..Harry Potter story is full of unexpectancy scenes if you read the book..Secrets to be unveil..After the movie,we hang out for a while,took some photos,I remembered she took me to this pet shop..Hahaha!! How I wish to buy some of them..Well,no money,don't think about it..

These are some of the photos we took during outing::
My food not really nice..Just cheap Xp

My jie took for me..The scenery is nice from here...

This is my jie's food,hers is the best and delicious...

Me and jie ^^

Huey Ching!

Me on the elevator =) Took while not noticing... Xp

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