Saturday, July 25, 2009

Outing with Yee Sing! Great day! ^^

Today is a wonderful day to go out with my ULTIMATE BESTIE, Yee Sing!! Finally after for so long,we finally get to meet each other..In the morning,I woke up at 10am,took a shower went to USJ 4 to fetch Yee Sing.. Its been so long since I met her in the coffee shop at Apollo USJ 4,she became prettier.. ^^ Anyway,her mum blessed me with a container of chocolates!! We both wore sunglasses in the car as we are on the way to Pyramid..

Once we reached Pyramid,we booked the tickets to watch Transformer 2..Later on,we walked around looking at different shops..Went in Bowling centre,sat down and chat for a while,telling all the stories we have,I told her all my secrets! Xp About my love life,my college life,OUR life!! We went Secret Recipe to eat,Marble cheese cake..Mixed fruit juice was nice too..Hahaha!! I'm quite typical,never try new food and drinks...

Anyway,after eating we hang out around the shops again..Walked in Asian Avenue,looking for some cool clothing and dress..I think we walked through the whole Pyramid twice..Than, we went to PDI,we have a look at some clothes..Its cheap,50% and 70% discount...Yee Sing tried on some dress and OMG she looks fantastic with it,like angel.. Xp

And yea,we get hungry so fast,Secret Recipe was our appetizer..We went to Macdonalds and ate some food..That will be our lunch meal! We met some friends there and greet them..At last,we sat down,drink,eat and CHAT!! Just so happy chatting with her,both of us admitted that we are being who we are when hanging out together..Missed the old times,we chat on the phone whole day long,smsing..

We walked through the Arcade and than went in to watch our movie..Watching movie is our last activity..Haizzz..Time passed so fast..After movie,we took a few pictures, take away some food and fetched her home..Once I reached her house,gave her a nice WARMTH HUG then goodbye..So miss her..This week I'm happy because I anticipate to go out with her..These are the photos we took...

She took a photo of me when I was driving.. =)
Yeesing took me again in Secret Recipe...
This is Yeesing,she's playing with my phone.. XD
Me and Yeesing! =)

Cute little pose with my phone~ ^^
Pretty little Yeesing with her white dress,she suppose to take solo,but I ruin it Xp
Me and Yee Sing in White ^^
Our final photo before going back home...

What a day! Always happy going out with her..Will update my blog next time! =)

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