Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Semester 2~ Solar Eclipse

Started my semester 2 this week...Briefing what is gonna happen for this semester..The first day,we greet each other,2 weeks of holiday is like a thousand days not met..But first day is quite boring..Business Computing, a lot of people went out after the first break..I stayed back and thank God I did that because teacher take attendance..Anyway,is quite simple for first week..But this semester not many people,I think some have to repeat the first semester,its quite scary though..Hope I do well in semester 2..

By the way, first week of semester have to write an essay d! Its during English for College Studies 2 class!! Haizzz.. Miss Chen once again challenge us for HD..Lol!! She's animated, different from secondary school teacher..She can walk around and kept talking non-stop.. And she's excited of what she is teaching,this is why I'm grateful to be her student,learning in a studious and fun environment..I saw the format,work scheme...Different..Like what she said..Semester 1 is a honey moon season..Now,we have to work extremely hard to earn better results..

Haizzz..Life..Is making the right choice..I was wondering whether am I wasting my time on that SOMEONE..I gambled everything on her..What if I make the wrong decision to risk? And in the end of the day,I made the wrong choice,I found out I'm just wasting my time..But somehow,I cannot resist it..I still bet on that SOMEONE... Somebody helped me!!

Anyway,I woke up early in the morning just to enjoy the view of ECLIPSE...Even though I know that in Malaysia,Eclipse is not fully shown..But is quite outside..Seems like is cloudy..But television news display some pictures of Eclipse in Indonesia and China..Once in 500 years..And this is the longest,6 minutes..Some superstitious people thought is a sign,OMEN,end of the world,inauspicious and whatsoever..

Tourist came all the way just to have a view on Eclipse...
Like a moonblade...

Ok,thats the end of my blog..Will update next time,chiaozzz!! =)

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