Monday, August 31, 2009

Missed the production so much... =D Independence Day!!

This week I'm super, hyper energetic!! From 28th of August till 30th of August,which is Friday till Sunday, my happening church, CITY HARVEST had our anniversary Drama Production " Will You Marry Me? " This production rocks man! Hehee.. After all the late night practices, our perspiration and effort paid a lot! The first night on Friday was great! Our scenes were funny.. Those guys are just spectacular, they are not professional comedians and yet they made the audience laugh!

As I was saying I was so energetic that week, I served for all 5 services in Choir Ministry, after the praise and worship session I went to the guest room and prepare for the production. I tell you behind all the production, you can see how hardworking we are! Last time I was like others coming in to enjoy the production never know behind all this they went through a lot! Hehe.. The spaces are limited inside..So we need to squeeze in a bit and give some way for the actors,singers and dancers to go through..

Friday 8pm, Saturday 5.30pm and 7.30pm, Sunday 9am and 11.30am, all 5 services we need to reach church earlier 3 hours before it starts.. We dancers need to put on make up haha!! Of course I reluctantly obey..Haizzz..! The Michael Jackson dance was awesome!! Khen dance like nobody else man..His moves are like so complicated and cool! My friends loved it a lot! Anyway, me and the others danced quite well too before the main Michael Jackson appear! The feeling dancing on stage so hyper, suddenly my adrenaline pumps up!

The crowd just kept cheering, its like the more they cheer,the more hyper I am.. I just follow the music and into the music! I always concern my hat will drop off.. Thank God all 5 sessions I successfully maintain my hat on my head! The mask so cool too when we dance " Thriller"...

Anyway I will upload the photos once I got it from my friends.. =) Anyway, Happy Independence Day!! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Xp

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second Orphanage visit...

This is our second visit to the orphanage home on Friday..Its a whole day! We can call it a day.. My class starts on 8am and ends at 4pm.. After class,we straight went to the orphanages home at USJ 1, nearby Mydin.. Yin Min followed us even she is not in our group. She had no transport home that is why she followed us..We fed her a lot ahahah! Lol! Anyway, let the picture speak for itself.. =)

We reached the orphanage home,so compassionate Xp
These 4 ladies are experts in kitchening,planning what to do.. Hmmm..
Auntie teaching us how to make sandwiches..

Then,we do ourselves.. ^^ Hopefully we did correctly and its delicious..

First time doing , paiseh!

Everyone is so busy..

Me standing beside Yue Wei learning the recipe and method of making sushi..

So hardworking
Hui Hwa is so into doing sushi Xp

Finally, after hours of preparing the dishes..
This is our masterpiece,so proud of it..
We took a group picture..

Take 2!

Dinner time calling the kids! They have been anticipating

Yum!!Yum!! They complimented the food is nice..What a feast!

2 lovely girls taking pictures with the kids
Hahaha!! So happy =.="

Listening and tell jokes with them XD
Then later we played games with them

So fun playing with kids

We had a great time there, spent 4 hours there.. Well..Thats all for today..Phew! So tired.. Next time update more! Chiaozzz..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sad~ Orphanage visit

Haizzzz!! Cannot make it for the production " Will You Marry Me? " because I'm not free for that day..All this while I train so hard dancing for the Michael Jackson dance but in the end good for nothing..I even learn the flip up thingie from the ground.. Do you know how is it feel when you work so hard with consistency, interest, diligency, sacrificial time, a passion heart, ALL this equals to PERSPIRATION!! In the end,you cannot present your hardwork.. Its really affecting my pride and my reputation.. To be honest, I'm deeply depressed,disappointed and a bit of anger inside of me..

Anyway, I and my group members from college visited the orphanages in usj 1 behind MYDIN, its called Persatuan Kanak Kanak, was known as Compassionate home,government intervene and change the name,haizzz..Get to know about how they live,their home is like so organized and they are like fully equip!! With computers, enough provisions and supply! Anyway, we brought some food for them from my mum! ^^ She donate every year,Chinese New Year,she gave Ang Pau..Geng! =)

By the way just want to upload photos of my car when I had accident few weeks back,now is fully fixed...
This is the fela's car that hit from behind

My baby seriously damage from behind =(

Sad to see

Next, this is the orphanage photos,took during their lunch time =)

Thats the end for today till next time! =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally my baby car is back!! XD

Yay!! Finally my " BABY" is back..She's back yesterday only! After my class at 4pm..My mum took me to the workshop and retrieved back my car..I drove back home..Its as pretty as the last time I saw. The bumper modified a lot..

Very stress la..A lot of assignment to do for this semester..Moral Education have to conduct 8 hours of Community Service..Sien lo.. Tomorrow I gotta do my moral presentation about Terrorism..Hopefully we can get through it..Unfortunately,all my friends are using Microsoft 2003..So I did the whole power point..It was quite tough for me because I'm not an expert in computing...

Haizzz...Kinda disappointed my college tutorial group mates, our relationship not that close..Often many conflict happens..My Economics tutorial,Mr Ang discussed with me today..Well,we cannot run away from our problems..Same goes to when we are working in the future cuz we will be meeting different kind of people..Some might not satisfy us..But we cannot just switch or quit our job just for the sake of the people around us..

Anyway,this is my poem for the day..Nothing to do..Expressed from my heart and what I feel...



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boring week! =(

Sien lo...I want my car back instantly!! Its so tough and inconvenient without a car..Wanna go out need to ask my mum to fetch..Its troublesome,cuz sometimes she is slow..Lol! Normally when I have a car I reached anywhere on time!! Punctuality to me is important! Haizzz..I want my car back!! Miss my baby! Besides this, I hate waiting, if I have a car I can go back whenever I want,now without car I have to wait for my mum to reach,it takes a lot of time..

Anyway, my cousin, Lim Dawgen is studying in Taylors,taking ADP course..He came all the way from Taiwan..Now leaving in a hostel near by Asia Cafe in SS15...Hahah!! Next time is easier to find him if ONLY I get my car back!! Anyway, City Harvest Production is coming up!! I'm involved in the production..Its gonna be great!! Will not tell you what's gonna happen in the production,come see for yourself!! Hahaha!!

I finally realized after Michael Jackson death, I began to realized his songs is so nice,his dance step is superb!! Its amazing that he became a legend..A very gifted entertainer pop dance king!! Because of him, pop culture impacted so greatly with many fancy moves that is stunning and impressive..His song quite yeng..He invented popping and locking.. I love his songs, THRILLER,BILLIE JEAN,DANGEROUS,SMOOTH CRIMINAL..hehe..

My dance ministry fellow friends so funny when I hang out with them on Sunday 2 days ago..They really make me laugh..Its been so long I never felt that way,the happiness..One of their jokes:

If there is a fire on the building and you are trap inside,how do you escape?
Answer: Imagine yourself escaping through the fire =)

A patient is about to died soon,he realized he had 30 seconds of his life..So he ask the doctor" Doctor Doctor can I have a 30 second conversation with you?" The doctor says " Wait a minute"

And so lot more of funny jokes and stories of their experiences..Haizzz.. This week is so freaking busy with assignments and homework!! Gambatte!! Xp

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Car knock from behind!! =(

Haizzz...This is my third time had an accident, I'm really a terrible driver..Grrrr..!! This incident happened on Friday.. I was fetching Joy and on the way to Ara Damansara for cell group.. In front of the traffic light there is a U-Turn road on my right,because of my sudden brake, the Malay guy from behind with high speed bang on my car from behind,the impact is so strong until he pushed my car forward..Before the impact I can hear his car screeching sound..

In the split second of the impact, I thought I would never ever gonna realized my dreams, my goals,I thought I'm gonna leave this world because of accident at a very young age..No! No! I cannot end my life just like this!! Never!! My dad,my mum,my sis,my housemaid..My best friend Yee Sing,my beloved cell group members,my church members,my buddies,I will never have the chance to tell them how much I appreciate and love them..The person I like,I will never have the chance to express my feelings..That is what I thought in my mind in this split second..

I went to the corner road and wait for him, I thought he ran away,thank God we met near somewhere the building..However I'm glad my cell group members are there for me,Joy,Ethan,Norman,Andrew..Since that accident,I'm afraid of driving,Norman drove my car..We went cell group,Ian suddenly called me,glad that friends around me care for me..Wen Dee and Chia Huey too..After cell group and after my cell group members prayed for me,we went to the police station in PJ Hilton..My mum arrived,my dad cannot make it because he's in Air Kuning,Johor..

We report to the police quite long,at least an hour..So on monday which is tommorow we claim the insurance from the fela..Haizzz..No more accident,I don't like police station,never at all!! I don't wanna go there again! =)