Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boring week! =(

Sien lo...I want my car back instantly!! Its so tough and inconvenient without a car..Wanna go out need to ask my mum to fetch..Its troublesome,cuz sometimes she is slow..Lol! Normally when I have a car I reached anywhere on time!! Punctuality to me is important! Haizzz..I want my car back!! Miss my baby! Besides this, I hate waiting, if I have a car I can go back whenever I want,now without car I have to wait for my mum to reach,it takes a lot of time..

Anyway, my cousin, Lim Dawgen is studying in Taylors,taking ADP course..He came all the way from Taiwan..Now leaving in a hostel near by Asia Cafe in SS15...Hahah!! Next time is easier to find him if ONLY I get my car back!! Anyway, City Harvest Production is coming up!! I'm involved in the production..Its gonna be great!! Will not tell you what's gonna happen in the production,come see for yourself!! Hahaha!!

I finally realized after Michael Jackson death, I began to realized his songs is so nice,his dance step is superb!! Its amazing that he became a legend..A very gifted entertainer pop dance king!! Because of him, pop culture impacted so greatly with many fancy moves that is stunning and impressive..His song quite yeng..He invented popping and locking.. I love his songs, THRILLER,BILLIE JEAN,DANGEROUS,SMOOTH CRIMINAL..hehe..

My dance ministry fellow friends so funny when I hang out with them on Sunday 2 days ago..They really make me laugh..Its been so long I never felt that way,the happiness..One of their jokes:

If there is a fire on the building and you are trap inside,how do you escape?
Answer: Imagine yourself escaping through the fire =)

A patient is about to died soon,he realized he had 30 seconds of his life..So he ask the doctor" Doctor Doctor can I have a 30 second conversation with you?" The doctor says " Wait a minute"

And so lot more of funny jokes and stories of their experiences..Haizzz.. This week is so freaking busy with assignments and homework!! Gambatte!! Xp

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