Sunday, August 2, 2009

Car knock from behind!! =(

Haizzz...This is my third time had an accident, I'm really a terrible driver..Grrrr..!! This incident happened on Friday.. I was fetching Joy and on the way to Ara Damansara for cell group.. In front of the traffic light there is a U-Turn road on my right,because of my sudden brake, the Malay guy from behind with high speed bang on my car from behind,the impact is so strong until he pushed my car forward..Before the impact I can hear his car screeching sound..

In the split second of the impact, I thought I would never ever gonna realized my dreams, my goals,I thought I'm gonna leave this world because of accident at a very young age..No! No! I cannot end my life just like this!! Never!! My dad,my mum,my sis,my housemaid..My best friend Yee Sing,my beloved cell group members,my church members,my buddies,I will never have the chance to tell them how much I appreciate and love them..The person I like,I will never have the chance to express my feelings..That is what I thought in my mind in this split second..

I went to the corner road and wait for him, I thought he ran away,thank God we met near somewhere the building..However I'm glad my cell group members are there for me,Joy,Ethan,Norman,Andrew..Since that accident,I'm afraid of driving,Norman drove my car..We went cell group,Ian suddenly called me,glad that friends around me care for me..Wen Dee and Chia Huey too..After cell group and after my cell group members prayed for me,we went to the police station in PJ Hilton..My mum arrived,my dad cannot make it because he's in Air Kuning,Johor..

We report to the police quite long,at least an hour..So on monday which is tommorow we claim the insurance from the fela..Haizzz..No more accident,I don't like police station,never at all!! I don't wanna go there again! =)

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