Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sad~ Orphanage visit

Haizzzz!! Cannot make it for the production " Will You Marry Me? " because I'm not free for that day..All this while I train so hard dancing for the Michael Jackson dance but in the end good for nothing..I even learn the flip up thingie from the ground.. Do you know how is it feel when you work so hard with consistency, interest, diligency, sacrificial time, a passion heart, ALL this equals to PERSPIRATION!! In the end,you cannot present your hardwork.. Its really affecting my pride and my reputation.. To be honest, I'm deeply depressed,disappointed and a bit of anger inside of me..

Anyway, I and my group members from college visited the orphanages in usj 1 behind MYDIN, its called Persatuan Kanak Kanak, was known as Compassionate home,government intervene and change the name,haizzz..Get to know about how they live,their home is like so organized and they are like fully equip!! With computers, enough provisions and supply! Anyway, we brought some food for them from my mum! ^^ She donate every year,Chinese New Year,she gave Ang Pau..Geng! =)

By the way just want to upload photos of my car when I had accident few weeks back,now is fully fixed...
This is the fela's car that hit from behind

My baby seriously damage from behind =(

Sad to see

Next, this is the orphanage photos,took during their lunch time =)

Thats the end for today till next time! =)

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