Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second Orphanage visit...

This is our second visit to the orphanage home on Friday..Its a whole day! We can call it a day.. My class starts on 8am and ends at 4pm.. After class,we straight went to the orphanages home at USJ 1, nearby Mydin.. Yin Min followed us even she is not in our group. She had no transport home that is why she followed us..We fed her a lot ahahah! Lol! Anyway, let the picture speak for itself.. =)

We reached the orphanage home,so compassionate Xp
These 4 ladies are experts in kitchening,planning what to do.. Hmmm..
Auntie teaching us how to make sandwiches..

Then,we do ourselves.. ^^ Hopefully we did correctly and its delicious..

First time doing , paiseh!

Everyone is so busy..

Me standing beside Yue Wei learning the recipe and method of making sushi..

So hardworking
Hui Hwa is so into doing sushi Xp

Finally, after hours of preparing the dishes..
This is our masterpiece,so proud of it..
We took a group picture..

Take 2!

Dinner time calling the kids! They have been anticipating

Yum!!Yum!! They complimented the food is nice..What a feast!

2 lovely girls taking pictures with the kids
Hahaha!! So happy =.="

Listening and tell jokes with them XD
Then later we played games with them

So fun playing with kids

We had a great time there, spent 4 hours there.. Well..Thats all for today..Phew! So tired.. Next time update more! Chiaozzz..

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